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Discussion in 'General' started by Jamlops, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Well for the first time in my life, i brough up the topic about weed, and smoking. They werent complelty against it, but were pretty against it. Anyways, i told them all the facts and stuff, and they agreed to them, and changed their view. But they were left with the one negative question:

    "Why smoke weed to get high? YOu can get high be doign something you like (ei paintballing for me etc...), excercising can get you high (something about like dorfins lol idk). People smoke weed to get happier, but why arent they happy enough with normal life etc..."

    I simply said its not the same, your not really high. But he argued. I cant simply say "Ive been high and am addicted to pb, but its different" lol cuz i dont know if they are cool with it yet.

    ANY Argument ideas?
  2. This is going to me a battle. Tell him it is nothing like the adrenlin you get from sports. It is a whole different way of looking at life when you smoke...idk this is really hard. Go with your gut. I have yet to have this proplem so i will let someone else help you. Good luck though m8.
    ( paintball is the best ;))
  3. For me, I almost never smoke and do nothing. I smoke to get high and enhance things I already love.

    I'll smoke and write a paper or do my homework. Smoke and call my girl, and as for exercising, I exercise about 4-5 times a week usually riding my bike through trails or running and I usually smoke before doing that. So weed just makes things that i love doing better.
  4. Get em high and they'll see what youre talking about :)
  5. That's the ultimate problem... getting high is an argument you can't get past. You can say, oh, I just like to get high. And they say, it's not healthy for emotional and mental development to enhance your life through drugs. You can't argue because there's no facts there... it's all opinion.
  6. Very true everyone and thanks for the respsones, ya the truth is you cant really know until you do it. Its hard changing a brainwashed mind.

    Blazeitup420 thanks for the more detailed respsonse, i think this is more of what i was looking for. thanks
  7. in essense they are true...i realized this after i quit for 6 months, but then deicded to get back into it...drugs can never even begin to replicate the abilities your body has to offer you, spiritually wise...your mind is FAR FAR greater in power than you think it is believe me...we all have the ability for remote viewing, telepathic communications just have to be motivated to harness these powers...sadly i dont have that drive, but i still do recognize them...i have some foresight thoguh i suppose...i smoke pot because i enjoy it, but i know i will eventually grow out of it, as it is not somethin i see myself doing consistantly all my life...maybe but i doubt it, as long as you recognize that, you can barder with them on accepting it and whatnot...
  8. ^^+rep man, very true, i just dont see how you can really have that high amazing feeling without pot, but cant really prove it to a sober one

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