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Help with parenting

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by o0o0o0o0110, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Alot of times when children are young they have really simple needs but they do require ALOT of patience. Some people can engage with young children much better if stoned.
    Multiple young children at screaming age can pose major problems for anyone with any form of anxiety. Especially if mom is recovering from depleted nutrients from pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. This can trigger or cause post pardum depression and anxiety.
    The mother should closely regard whether the benefits of cannibis effect her positively or negatively. In cases where it is beneficial it can be a temporary life saver.
    Many mothers have looked forward to having children their entire life. If their bodies and or circumstances are difficult they may not get to enjoy this milestone as much and that can cause lifelong distress for mother and children. Moms need to enjoy their kids and be happy and in some cases marijuana can help!
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  2. How can mothers enjoy their little bastard spawns if they don't get paid maternity leave (in the US).
    Also, how will they keep their job with weed in their system in a place where weed smokers are equivalent to crack heads (in the US).
    Also, where is the dad.
    Also, what is the purpose of this thread, lol.
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  3. You really have no clue about the U.S.
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  4. But im from Texas. lol
  5. You still have no clue tex
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  6. Most drugs do not drug test. I agree that it is horrible that a person could be charged. It is getting better but it needs to be completely legal. Same purpose of all threads, to talk about whatever I see fit.
  7. Most drugs do not drug test? o_O if you are seeing drugs give drug tests then you are definitely on drugs lol

    Grow journal
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  8. Companies. I have never been drug tested! Usually it wouldnt matter
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  9. I didn't see where you asked for help? I'm a stay at home parent and smoke everyday. I don't support exposing children to it via second hand smoke and/or breast milk. It's not ethical imo.
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  10. sounds like your making exuses on why you smoke.

    Its a should be hidden from children. It should not effect the child in any way, especially monetary.
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  11. people do not have a clue...

    research- endocannabinoids in mothers milk. hint, 75 to 90% of mass from the milk is cannabinoids
  12. I have 3 children and have researched it pretty extensively. I never said it was unhealthy for babies, or hurts them, or anything along those lines. I said it wasn't ethical. Just like it wouldn't be ethical to give some geriatric patient Cannibus without their consent.
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  13. Ok,so you are aware but you said second hand smoke which is only if someone smokes the cannabis... edibles, patches, and thousands more ways to put the molecules from the cannabis into the human and no second hand smoke... that part makes sense - the no lingering in the air smoke it part
  14. Most people smoke it. The OP didnt state which way they took it. Edible or not the THCA has been decarboxylated into THC and is now in the mothers milk or the air or both.
  15. for this thead and anyone confused really- look up the Jasmaican experiment from the eighties... pregnant Jamaican mothers consumed cannabis daily in massive quantities... their babies were super healthy more so than the other babies from moms who did not add those phyto-chemicals into their boobies/bodies.... this is no Shit = look it up...
  16. You can justify your dug use and parenting skills to yourself all you like.

    Its also polite to post a link to any scientific study you claim. I just had a quick google (copied and pasted "Jasmaican experiment from the eighties") and didnt find anything.
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    I'll just add this here
    search parameter... "pregnant Jamaican mothers consuming cannabis experiment"
    and two of the links...
    Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk

    what is happening is thc/cbd are secondary metabolites ( tri-cyclic terpenes) that trigger intracellaular signalling @ cb receptors... cb receptors are found on your cells in your body. trillions!

    the mothers breast milk has 90% cannabinoids because the baby needs the munchies to switch over to eating and to develop digestive systems! the mom gets the baby high so they get the munchies... sounds awful I'm sure to people who have not studied the metabolic process and how the cannabinoids function.. and to sum it all up- thc/cbd are bio-mimicry agents that act on behalf of our endogenous cannabinoids- endocannabinoids...the mothers biology is already set from millions of years of evolution... her body will know genetically speaking how to transfer those cannabinoids over to the baby and will use up all the endo-cannabinoids (arachodonic acid) in her body to supply them... if supplemental plant cannabinoids are there they get utilized just the same... humans create endocannabinoids from arachodonic acid... I'm basically trying to explain the biology so it is not some unknown horror show when you hear cannabis and pregnant mothers...
  18. Thank you for knowing what the fuck you're talking about and siting a source. You get an E-hug !!!
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    Anyone can find a link online lol... give this a read I feel it explains the pros AND cons a little better. Marijuana And Pregnancy #1: Breastfeeding and Marijuana, A Touchy Subject

    Long story short just do what you want but don't shove your opinion down people's throats... maybe in 10-15 years there will be a lot more info on the topic.

    give that link I posted a read for a nice unbiased article. Btw I'm by no means saying it's harmful but I'm also by no means saying it's some godsend to the child... the child has everything it needs naturally in the breastmilk already... it does have multiple functions one of which is stimulating the tongue muscles... which helps them continue feeding..
    Grow journal
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  20. this is one more reason to allow legal cannabis everywhere! so that if a mother wants high cbd cannabis while pregnant then yeah... it is always the thc cbd argument and cbd always wins!

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