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Help with paranoia when smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mөsh, May 13, 2010.

  1. Well, whenever I smoke and go into a walmart or something, taco bell, somewhere where there are lots of people I don't know, I get REALLY REALLY paranoid. I try to tell myself that "It's cool, I'm just high as fuck." but that doesn't work. Any suggestions on how I can overcome this shit? (I don't have this problem when I'm at someones house spending the night, I can get retarded high and be fine, but if I go out to eat and have a slight buzz, paranoia kicks in)
  2. Be yourself and enjoy yourself. I know plenty of kids who have been sober for months, even years and they still always look high. If you just think and act as though you're sober and treat everyone nicely than they have no reason to go out of their way to assume you're high and try to get you in trouble.
  3. If you really want to overcome this, you can't "think" everything is alright. You must "know" everything is alright. I use to have really bad paranoia when I smoked. After beliving everything was okay everytime I smoked, the paranoia left. Took a good 3 months though.
  4. Are you beastly lookin?
  5. No lol, I get a lot of looks from girls; they say I'm pretty cute :rolleyes:

    But if that happens when I'm high, I'm not like "dammmmmmn im gonna rail that bitch", I get all paranoid and I'm like "FUCK DUDE THEY KNOW IM HIGH THEY KNOW I GOTTA FUCKING GO HOME"
  6. "They" used to tell me that paranoia is actually an exaggerated sense of self-importance one has. One thinks that other people actually notice them being stoned or whatever when in reality nobody even notices the person nor cares to check them out that closely. Most people out there in stores and stuff are too busy being concerned with their own shit to notice one poor paranoid human. You just have to act "as if" you were fine, and most likely you will be fine! :)
  7. Why do you care though? Like I said in my previous post, I just tell myself to think like I'm sober and it usually works just fine.
  8. It's not that I really care, like right now I'm high as fuck, and if I went into a store I'd probably do the same thing. But when I'm sober I just run into a store and I'd think "why the fuck am I so paranoid when I'm high?", I don't know why I do it. Even if I tell myself that I'm straight, I lose that mindset nearly instantly. Also, this only happens around older people, not people my age.
  9. I try to adopt a "I dont give a shit" attitude. In fact I can even get a confrontational mind set. + im Asian so no one can ever comment about my eyes, or ill rip them a new one lol...
  10. yea you just gotta tell yourself its all in your head..because if your were sober in taco bell it would be regular just put that image in your head.. me personally im on that "dont give a fuck" yea im hard, no one really cares if your high, they'll prolly just chuckly and be like ride on brother.
  11. i have problems with anxiety in public and around unfamiliar people when im really high, i never worry about people thinking im high, i b like walkin around with my uncel at my place at the resort when the truck races were on and hees all like shhhh dont talk about weed to much, and i was like SMOKE BLUNTS really loud n the ski patrol all looked and he was sooo fukin vervous i laughed my ass off
  12. It's all psychological bro... it's all government-inflicted paranoia... you turn on the TV, the radio & go to school.. all you hear is "Marijuana makes your paranoid"... from family, friends, and teachers you hear thats "terrible for you, etc etc"... so you then proceed to spark a spliff and all these thoughts start popping into your head and the high just 'expands' it so you start to 'over-analyze' shit if you would and if you don't know how to gather all this information into a steady framework... you go crazy (hence the reason people have bad trips/highs)... so when you let all those factors get into your head and mold your brain into a babylonian one is when you start to have bad highs. You musn't believe, you must KNOW!!!! Walk into that Walmart/Taco Bell thinking damn... all these poor sober slaves... they can't even TOUCH the level I'm on! I love being high in public.. just the thought of knowing you're on a higher level than all these brainwashed robot sheep should give you enough confidence to kill all those illusions you're having. I recommend a good dose of reggae! Reggae keeps your head right.. on the right path... Reggae music everyday keeps the doctor away!:smoking:

    [ame=]YouTube - The Wailing Souls - Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall[/ame]
  13. Thats some legit advice rasta. Ive never looked at it that way. I really like the idea of "knowing" everything is chill instead of "thinking" everything is chill.

    Even if someone notices you are high.... im sure they will have moved on and started selecting a new brand of macaroni while you are still sketching.
  14. Completely agree and now it makes sense that since I've gotten past their propaganda and made my own definition for cannabis I no longer get paranoid.
  15. I always found that weed caused me to feel the exact opposite of paranoid, whatever that actually might be, all I know is I never felt like that before, hell I enjoy being out in public when I'm stoned as hell.
  16. Thanks for all the input guys.

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