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  1. IMG_20190731_080858737.jpg IMG_20190805_145354285.jpg I have my first auto growing in late flower right now and leaves have been turning yellow rapidly and started originally with older fan leaves from an original dark green color. My question is... Is this a normal N deficiency from the late stage or some other deficiency. Here are a couple pics to show the comparison. How old it is I have no idea, I tend to go by looks.

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  2. Sorry 1st time poster long time reader. Here's another pic. She was jamming then fell off drastically after a serious hot spell in the N.E. Seems buds are now losing vigor rather than fill out. Lighting is tuff.

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  3. their are 2 stages to a plants life the vegging and the flowering

    its only in the flowering where shit gets done

    and plants have very little use of fans leaves

    most/all plants falling to senscense will loose most or all the leaves

    ask any Canada-dian (maple!)

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