Help with out door soil nutrients and grow. Pro Mix BX soil and Fox Farm Nutrients Help Please

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  1. Hey guys this is my 1st by myself grow . I'm planning to do an out door grow in soil but not super soil don't have enough time and money to buy the ingredients to or wait for the super soil to cook. i will be using Pro Mix BX.I have germinated 5 regular seeds atm , all cracked open and put them in soil. they have not come above soil yet. NOW TO MY 1ST QUESTION , im planing to use FoxFarm nutrients will it grow fine with the basic 3 nutrients? ( ) or should i use the dirty dozen ( ) also does anyone have a feeding regiment or know where i can find one? how big of a difference would i notice from the 3 nutrient line up compared to the 12 is it minuscule or very noticeable? also do these nutrients need to be aerated before use ?, and for how long? 2nd QUESTION,my seedlings should sprout any moment now so how should i feed em and how long after sprouting should i wait before 1st feeding. 


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    I used to grow with ff. I tried the dirty dozen but mainly just used the trio. I did use the solubles open sesame, Beastie blooms and cha Ching. Your good with just the trio and can always experiment with the rest as time goes on. I personally think the flushing agent is a waste. Couple feeding of straight water will flush anything out. Using some of the other stuff is somewhat noticeable but not necessary by no means. The feeding regimen is on fox farms website. When its time start with a1/4 dose and work your way up. Extend the veg feeding schedule out as long as needed, same with the flowering schedule. Lay off nutes the last 2 weeks before flower and feed plain water. As far as when to feed wait till after the cotyledon leaves fall off and then it depends on your soil. Cotyledons are the 1st set of rounded leaves that appear and gave everything a seedling needs. Some soils have enough nutrients in it to last awhile. I've never personally used pro mix bx. Let your plants decide when they're ready.

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