help with old bong needs upgrade

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  1. hey guys i was wondering about some info im new to the bong world or should say back in it.

    i got a bong with about 10grams of weed for my Bday i have not smoked for about 10 years.

    but what i was wondering is i have this bong with a broken downstem its a slider bong with the rubber gromet . i have a little movie i made maybe someone could take a look at it and let me know what parts i need to order from grasscity to make this little fella rip like a champ.
    [ame=]YouTube - upgrade[/ame]

    some parts i was looking at was
    let me know if these would work or what parts i could use

    Pre-Cooler Octopus - 18.8 - English -
    18.8>14.5 HQ Diffuser Downpipe/Bong adapter - English -
  2. anyone plz

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