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  1. im gonna be ordering some feminized sugar punch seeds from sannies shortly i pretty much got my lighting n everything else figured out the only thing im really strugglin with is the nutes and soil i no what kinda npks i need but im lookin for specific brands i can find at walmart or lowes or someshit

    by the way this is my first grow n this is how i planning to set up let me no if i need to make some changes its only gonna be for 2 plants at 1 time an im working with around 300$

    6 cfls (3 on top 3 on the bottom) 6500k for veg, 2700k for flower
    2 4 gallon smart pots
    ph tester
    wall thermometer
    nutrients: ?
    soil: ?

    also i dont want to do any transplanting so whats the best way to germinate my seeds in the 4 gallon smart pots............ i feel like im forgettin somthin let me no
  2. As for soil go to home depot and get pro mix, like 13bucks for a good amount, nutrients I would either order online or go to a hydro store home depot won't have much, I personally use fox farm
  3. thanx i heard a lot about fox farm but never actually seen one i live like a mile away from a hydro store ill check it out
  4. Yeah the fox farm trio is amazing, I also add a little perlite to my pro mix it's got some in it but I like to add like 20% more

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