Help with nutes on first time grow?

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  1. I started 6 greenhouse white rhino seeds 3 weeks ago today. Im using the general hydroponics micro & bloom nutes following the lucas formula. I was told to increase my nutes as my plants get larger. My res is reading 350ppm on a .5 conversion. The lucas formula states you should use 0-5-10 during veg which equals 592ppm on the .5 conversion. How long should I wait before giving the full strength? Also their under a 1000w dimmable in 5 gallon 6 bucket dwc system. Ballast is set at 500watts and I plan on increasing to 750 for early flower then 1000 for the last few weeks. Any tips?
  2. Why not use the full 1000W all the way through? I started my 2 week old clones under 1000W raised up about three feet above the tops and dropped it as I felt they could handle the intensity. In week three they are doing incredible with the lamp about 5-6" from the highest top. I'm using GH 3 Part using one of their advanced feeding schedules (at about 80-90% strength) and a few other added nutes.
  3. I was thinking about switching to 1000w at start of flowering but I wasn't sure, I wanted to be on the safe side. I have the light about 18 inches over the plants with a fan blowing directly over them and it's 500 watt because their still pretty small, just about getting their 4th set of leafs. Do you think that's good they are from seed? I can bump it up to 750w for the rest of veg but do you think I should wait til flower to give 1000w.
  4. I'm still fairly new like you, so I can only say what is working for me. I would go full 1000W starting with your next light on cycle, just raise the light a little and drop it slowly over the course of a couple days, watching the plants very carefully for signs of stress. It only took me about two days and they were handling the full 1000W at a distance of 6-8" and are doing fantastic now. Just keep a very close eye on your plants, PH, temp, humidity, etc. and keep checking them for stress. I'm in week 3 and they look pretty invincible now. I suspect you may not even need to be this gentle, but better safe than sorry, especially if you're running full strength nutes.
  5. The plants are reacting pretty good right now building a lot of roots and staying a nice rich dark green color, there about 6in tall and 3in out of the rockwool, and growing there 4th set of leaves. Im kinda scared to mess it up since they broke out of the shell 21 days ago. I think when I start messing with the cloning Ill jump to the full 1000w faster. Im gonna increase the light to 750w in a few days, and just to be safe ill wait till 12/12 to blast them with the full 1000w. The ballast I bought has a 1100w mode but ill wait for the last few weeks to use it. What strain are you growing and are they feminised?

    My nutes are dialed in so the ph and ppm levels have been staying about the same and I'm slowly increasing the nutes every 4 days with 12ml micro, 24ml bloom, 3-5ml floralicious in a recirculating 22 gallon dwc system THE HALO RAINMAKER 6 Aeroponic Hydroponic system aero drip garden dwc deep water culture: Patio, Lawn & Garden . Im far from full strenght nutes.
  6. Those nutrient measurements been raising the ppm up about 50-55 on my .5 conversion pen
  7. Ugh, hate typing in a long reply and having IE crash... Grrr

    Just remember, in nature these things get full strength sun all day long. The only reason to go lower wattage is to save costs, the plants can handle it unless they've been stressed really badly. I have 9 White Rhino clones that were planted in dirt and used to make other clones - very hearty little bushes with huge root balls that had probably been vegging for months -next to 15 Sweet Island Skunk clones that were just over 2 weeks from clipping, scraggly little things I was worried would survive. All in the same table. This is what they look like on day 17:

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