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  1. Im looking for good nutrients that would be in the middle of the price spectrum. i am growing indoors under a 400w HPS light. *NOTE* only looking for flowering nutes

    suggestions with a link to purchase them online would be greaat
  2. flora nova bloom go to google and type in discount hydro
  3. General Hydroponics Nutrients

    use the Flora, or Flora Nova Series.

    if buying the Flora series ..skip buying the "Gro". The "Micro" and "Bloom" have got it covered for Cannabis.
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    I use flora nova bloom along with black strap - un sulphured and big bud as a rule but have three 4 plant controls to which I have been adding a small amount of jasmonic acid, gibberellic acid and both of the 2 at once and it seems promising. The dual addition of both hormones at once I mean.

    peace and happy growing. :D

    Oh yea didn't mean to leave out the Ascophyllum nodosum - seaweed kelp extract as the growth regulator - but am stoned.

    Grins and smiles - peace. :)
  5. Cheap nutes for flowering - anything for tomatoes.
  6. Cultura.

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