Help With Non-Insulated Garage Setup North East USA

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    Hi Folks, ill lay it out and see if anybody can come up with a solution.

    I live in Massachusetts where it seems like we get all 4 seasons year-round. Recently I turned my detached non insulated 1 car garage into a grow room. The garage measures about 23Lx13W with 8 h feet before the rafters. we partitioned the garage in half (8Lx13wx8H)and then split that into two sealed rooms 8Lx6.5ftW Approx. All 4 walls inside of the partition are insulated (except the wall separating the two rooms and the ceiling) with R30 fiberglass and OSB board painted flat white. We Basically have two 8Lx6.5Wx8H sealed rectangles. The wall that faces the non-insulated garage has a small 28" door that opens to what we would like to be the clone/mother room and then inside that room, there is another small door that leads into the flower room.

    there is 1 window in the garage and it sits outside of the partitioned room.

    our current equipment consists of;
    1-7k btu portable ac
    1-10k btu portable ac
    2-Walmart gyrating ceramic heaters (with temperature gauge)
    1-30 pint dehumidifier
    3- 1000w 6" Air Cooled Hood Reflector w/Glass Cover and ballasts (2 dimmable, 2 non-dimable)
    1-1000w Dual Arc 600hps/400mh
    1-8 bulb T5
    1-LEC315 (w/MH bulb)
    2-Exhaust/Intake fans that move around 700+ CFM
    1-small booster exhaust/intake fan (not sure of the cfm)
    1-4 foot tall phat filter
    2-multiple lengths of 6" and 8" vent tube and clamps
    1-16" Oscillating Stand 3-Speed Fan
    multiple WYE splits

    ****The garages temperature changes depending on outside when its hot out, the garage is pretty hot, when its cold or wintery, the inside gets cold but bearable. again, i live in MASS (north east usa)

    For my the hell do i properly setup ventilation and exhaust with what I have? Please help!

    i should of said that i am not using all the lights at using a ac reflector to flower, t5 for clones and lec 315 for mothers.
  2. Vent to the top, and if you can pull from under the garage.
    Looks like a great setup. I see that you will need a chiller for the summer time if you do hydro and aqurium heater for the winter. Keep the water temp at 69
    Seems like you are going to go kinda commerciial, so go with Hydro nothing even comes close to the growth rate, and with the walled of partitions you can cut every 30 days, from clones to flowers, with 2 flowering rooms.
    I only grow 4 plants and pull around 2 lbs every 60 days from clones and I grow Barney Farms LSD. Heavy potent and quick to finish.
    My .02
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  3. i should of said that i am not using all the lights at using a ac reflector to flower, t5 for clones and lec 315 for mothers.
  4. Stepping on a well grown nug of LSD is like stepping on a Lego block lol! Damn that shit is dense!
  5. you need to insulate the roof of your grow room if you do not want outside temps messing with your grow rooms. I live in MA and I know how it gets, also know how a building works. 4 sides and the roof need to be insulated. from there you can bring in heaters and AC to regulate your internal temperature.

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