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  1. 8FD6DB79-ED1D-4171-B271-68978F4961BA.jpeg B0C07C6A-C329-424E-B7F8-47A19C53D4A6.jpeg BDC2912B-11D0-4901-85C8-E7744FB0A116.jpeg 877888E1-FA0E-43D1-A5B3-2D464AE3C7F3.jpeg 5699A5C9-923E-41BD-9116-10BF3AA3EFA1.jpeg Ive currently got a bruce banner flowering that looks really unhealthy
    All the fan leaves are either purple, yellow, brown or curled. I have cut most of them off
    During the veg part it was looking healthy to begin with but started going down hill with the bottom leaves yellowing and curling up and gradually got worse
    I’ve looked up so many things and got so many different answers, for instance nitrogen deficiency, potassium def, nute burn, light burn, everything..
    I tried every thing to help, fed them more nutes with high things that it was apparently deficient in, lifted the lights
    You name it I did it, yet the plant just got worse and now it’s tiny and already almost time for harvest
    Can anyone suggest where I went wrong?
    Have put pics up of when it looked healthy and now
  2. Also should add some more info
    Strain is bruce banner
    Water ph is always 6.5
    As far as I know it wasn’t an auto but seems like now it is? As it is only 8 weeks old
    I have basic nutes for veg and flowering also
  3. Thats just what the fan leaves do nearing the end of flower sucking whatever sort of nutes may be left in the leaves sucking them dry, it's suppose to look like that bro
  4. Okay great that’s good news then, thought I must have been doing a terrible job haha
    Will they curl off or just turn purple usually?
  5. Yes they will curl up and dehydrate and yellow, the purpling is totally fine its just from cooler night time temps its encourages the purpling to come out bro its all good, i personally drop temps last week or 2 of flower and im currently apporaching the end of week 8 of flower if you look at this plant you can see some of the same colors devloping and leaves starting to die off
  6. What’s up dude? First time grow My story is similar. Everything looked great through veg. Then almost at the end of July. Yellowing popping up all over. Made me super nervous. Outdoor growing in SoCal and it’s been hot af. Organic grow with super soil. I’ve got an easy up over them now. They were heat stressing too. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Plant looks good! I'm up north in CA in the valley where we get temps between 100-110 some days during this part of the year, so I haven't tried growing outdoors yet...have you noticed that the easy-up helps you? how do you get light for your plants if they're under it?
  8. Thanks man! The easy up has def helped the curling leaves and some were folding upwards like a boat. Since the easy up, leaves are looking way better and perky. When I get home from work 5pm. I move the easy up for the last few hours of the day. They still get a lot of sun. Outdoor growing is hella fun dude!

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