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  1. I just bought this timer from WalMart and can't figure out how to set it for 12/12. I have read the instructions but it doesn't make sense to me. Anyone else have one of these? It's a brinks ez dial vacation timer.Sent from my HTC6990LVW using Tapatalk

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  2. Take it back and get the one with the single 24-hour analog wheel.  Those are easier to read the instructions on...
  3. the timer is giving you problems?? uh-oh :p
  4. I use the Brinks digital timers that they carry at wal mart. They are about as easy to setup as you can get.
  5. vacation timers are on a weekly schedule 24 hr timers are easier
    looks easy enuff tho but u will have to set it for each day
  6. Turn the big dial until whatever time it is lines up with the arrow that says "time now"
     Then push in the little black button on the left, and turn dial to say 12am...then push little black button on left and adjust it to 12 hours apart. DONE!

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