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    Hello, i stopped by a headshop locally here and got myself a "Reckless" bong. 2 ten arm tree!

    It is the same one from

    I have a few questions... How much water needs to be in the bong? do all 3 chambers need to have water? Also, do i put the ice cubes on top or this one has no ice cube catcher?

    i have an ash catcher, with a perc branch in there, do i need to put water in there too?

  2. Is the downstem in the bottom diffused?...If so out water in there until it covers the slits. Also put water with the percs, just enough to cover those slits. Same with the ash catcher. As far as the ice, are you saying there isn't one or asking if there is one?
    If you could throw up a pic, that would be helpful
  3. ahh yes thank you, i understand the concept now and made some killer tokes, aye aye aye lol

    enjoy the day guys! :D thanks!

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