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  1. Need help with coming up with a new name for glassblowing business. Here is a picture of my concept (this is not my image; i have a tattoo artist friend finalizing piece that is similar in topic a picture of a firefly).

    I am not sold on firefly as a name.

    Would appreciate some feedback from the community on a name.

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  2. some photos of our i can't sell you directly....but if you hook me up with a name of your local head shop i'll pass my catalog on to them....

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  3. The one on the top row far right looks legit
  4. How about Good Luck Glass.
  5. yeah, that one is one of my favorites....about 15" tall, 44mm thick glass, it has a nice feel when you hold it; not too big...not too small....the drop near the base makes a nice handle.......thanks

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