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Help with myths about drug tests

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fgtghgbg, Apr 5, 2016.


Will I pass with an intense commitment and the help of the forum

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  1. I was an avid marijuana user for the last 9 years and now I am trying to stop. I went a month without smoking, but I had a bad day sat-sun and smoked and I am tempted to smoke today (will have no more weed or money after this so I could not smoke again even if I wanted to and I did that on purpose). I need to take a basic drug test by Monday next week the latest(just for my therapist, nothing mandatory although I am seeking a job) and my head is spinning with all the myths out there about THC. Do drink,don't drink lots of water, sweating does and does not work, the detox drinks are a waste......
    Can someone please give me a solid answer, possibly using scientific information if possible. I understand I am being dumb and I am in a bind, but please help.
    I am 5 foot 6 inches and 120lbs and I walk a few miles a day.
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  2. Simple solution to your issue......don't smoke

    Other then that everyone is different. What may have worked for some may not work for others.
    Therapist is covered under doctor/patient confidentiality so even if you do fail, unless your therapy is court ordered there's nothing your therapist can do. If your under a therapist care, you should be honest with them. They can't help if your covering up part of your life. Even when you mess up. Drinking water just dilutes your piss. It does not remove the. Thc attaches to your fat cell, so if you work out and sweat your burning up fat cells. But your talking some serious working out to get much effect if any.
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  3. Agreed ^
    If you CAN come across some money you should look for monkey whizz/business at local head shop
  4. Like others have said, there is no for sure answer.

    Your metabolism could differ from others. Being faster or slower. I know you said you won't be able to smoke after this since your funds and stash will be low. That shouldn't be your reason to smoke. If you are legitimately trying to quit, you need the WILL POWER to stop. What happens if you run across or more money or gear? Would you have the will power to not do it?

    Stay strong and wait it out. If this is important for you, then please don't do it. Don't give in. It won't be worth it.

    You can always go back to smoking immediately after if that's what you want to do. But to be 100% sure, I would say do NOT do it.

    I, as I am sure many others, believe in you. You can do it. Just wait it out!
  5. Btw I did not smoke today and will not so Sunday was last night I smoked. It isn't much better with the timing
  6. Sorry for all these posts, but also I know the therapist is confidential, although I do not like lying and I am fairly certain she will refer me to someone else which is ok, but I just had my fifth session and I really like her and I get very discouraged when I am "rejected" or "pushed" to someone new. Drugs are not her speciality and I fully intend on seeing a specialist but for now I don't want to lose her. Also, she does know about all my drug use, just not the pot in last few days
  7. Read the forum guidelines OP.
  8. External controls are temporary and eventually you're back on your own. Unless you're a die hard atheist go to some 12 step meetings, they're not for me but they help some people and focusing on sobriety can become a way of life. Peer pressure is usually referred to negatively but it can also be a positive influence.
  9. Even the hardest if the hardcore atheists go to 12 step programs. AA and such has changed their wording. They use "god as we understand him" in place of just god. What that means is anything can be your God. It just has to be something you believe in and can't loose. When I went through treatment my god as I understood him was my love for my children.
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  10. Yeah I've got right at a thousand meetings under my belt. Every one of them was mandatory and I couldn't get past the god thing.
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  11. That's why they've changed. Couldn't tell you how many hours I have, none of which were mandatory. Only a few mandatory. It's not a place for mandatory.

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