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  1. alright so its not really that much of a bad thing thats going on with my babe, but i'm stuck on what should i do here! i got a trainwreck and a shiva skunk plant, they are both from clones. the trainwreck is only 7 inches tall and the shiva is about 11inches tall, both of them show preflowers with two white hairs poppin out. now the question i got is, is there a chance i can veg these more before i put them into 12/12 cycle? if i veg it more will it hurt my yeild and quality? i kinda wanted them taller before i put them in 12/12. here is a picture of the preflower to make sure that i got a preflower. any advice would really help, yield does matter to me but quality matters more!! i use earthjuice nutrients and liquid worm castings. please help me out.

    the preflower is right at that node in the middle of the picture. its got those two hairs poppin out! does anyone advise me to flower them right away or should i veg it for one more week to try get it taller and more yeild?

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  2. how long has it been veggin for?
  3. i got the clones already rooted and in dirt. i think that probably took at least a week after it was cut. but its been 3 weeks since its been in my care. they have been under 24 hour light and with a metal halide. 250w.
  4. Looking good! No problem. Veg away. All my plants show preflowers early. If they were male I'd be worried.
  5. so vegging while preflowers are showing wont destroy yield or quality?
  6. Actually it's the complete opposite. The longer your plant matures and grows, the MORE yield you will attain, and absolutely no loss in potency. Grow trees dude :bongin:
  7. so are you saying i should start flowering them then?
  8. Veg for 3 weeks or so, then flower when ready. The longer you veg, the bigger they will be.

  9. No. Grow bigger = more bud. Grow as large as you like.
  10. ^^^ what he's saying is veg. them longer. The longer they are veged the bigger they will become, and thus more yeild when you flower them. All I can say is once they are a bit bigger get some clones off the shiva skunk those seeds are expensive, and the smoke is sooooooo good!!! Can't wait to start my grow with Shiva Skunk...but Ill be crossing it with Afghani for F1 seeds.

    People that send into flowering after a couple weeks usually have LOTS of plants, and want them small for lighting purposes, and usually they have a perpetual SOG grow.
  11. thanks for all the info everybody! i think i'm gonna clone my shiva. yea the smoke of shiva skunk is really awesome. i love it. again thanks alot for the help
  12. Theres no such thing as vegging to long..

    that is... if you have the space..

    it will only INCREASE your yield, because you are allowing it to get big before flowering.

    it's not like.. once you see preflowers, you have to bud, it just means it CAN bud... so wait as long as you'd like.. but keep in mind the plant will at least double in size during flowering.

  13. rad, this was the answer i wanted to know. thank you
  14. Looking good man, I wouldn't worry about man. I have had my clones do that all the time I wouldn't worry about it to much. Good luck!!!!!!!!

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