Help with my sativa

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mintyhaze, May 21, 2006.

  1. I dont know what to do - Im running out of space. Both plants been on 12/12 since sprouting and the sativa doesent want to flower. Ill try to get an up close picture of the sorry flowers its shooting out.

  2. hmmm i dont know how to fix that too well.. i am a grower but you could maybe try LST on that plant.. ive never done it myself, but it looks like it would help a lot from the pics ive seen on this site. is that a lowryder strain beside the huge one? haha. good luck with the plant
  3. What kind of lights are you using?
  4. Its a 400 watt hps in MG soil. The seeds are Mr nice Nevilles haze. The short female got pollinated by the Nevilles Haze male I had - I cant wait to see how that one turns out. Ill upload more photos..
  5. you still have it on 12/12 thats why its not flowering

  6. What do you recommend it be on?
  7. WTF:confused: DONT LISTEN TOO THIS GUY YOUR ON THE RIGHT TRACK also Nevilles Haze is a very long flowering strain up to 16 weeks(4 months) so prepare to wait
  8. I agree, Don't listen to that guy.

    12/12 is exactly what you want for flowering.

    One other thing. Is is COMPLETELY dark in your growbox?

    The smallest amount of light can prevent it from flowering.

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