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  1. I was just curious if my plants looks fairly healthy or what? Im not too sure what the strain is because I had some seeds that i combined on accident(dont ask me how) But i do know its an auto. The brown tip part was from touching the light. But the discoloring of some of the lower leaves and the droopiness is a concern for me. Usually when it was a bit droopy id give it some water and itd perk right up. Im not sure if the fan leaves or too big or what is going on. Anyone got any ideas or anything? I wonder if the discoloring could be from nute burn? I started it in fox farms ocean forest as a seedling so. My last plant did the same thing so im not too sure. This is only my second grow.
    BTW the one next to it is a world of seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud auto...thats a little over a week old. Seems to be doing great. Right now im just using a 4 tube t5 but i got a 400w mh and hps coming this week. Another question would be, when i get this should i just start blasting these with the hps? Or should i still use the MH even though that one should start budding soon?
    This was it a couple days ago

  2. Looks fine to me.nice n green.....I would blast it with hps..some people use mh....I'm 100% hps person.
  3. It doesnt look droopy to you? Or discolored? Maybe im just paranoid lol
  4. your plant looks great guy nice and healthy just let her be and give her plenty of light, heres a pic of my sweet skunk auto about a week ago at 36ish days once the preflowers started showing it really took off, also got a ak48 auto(16 days) a royalbluematic auto(16 days) and another sweet skunk (20 days) Sweet skunk auto 6-1-13.JPG
  5. Nice! it looks good, i got the big plant which im not sure what it is cause i mixed the seeds up, its either a berry ryder or a bubblicious, then i got the world of seeds northern lights x big bud which is next to the big one, then i got a g13 labs diesel....all autos. Im pretty stoked. What are you using for a setup?
  6. i have 1 400 watt hps a 150 watt hps and a couple hid redwave light boosters for a little boost to the red spectrum, my own soil and general organic nutes I also have 2 photos going a g13 haze from barneys and a caramelo  from delicious both are 35 days here are a couple of pics of the rest taken 3 days ago SAS2 6-7-13.JPG royal blue 6-7-13.JPG G13 Haze 6-7-13.JPG caramelo top 6-7-13.JPG ak48 6-7-13.JPG
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