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  1. I was wondering if anyone even uses these things anymore and how can I change the light that hangs down to a hps? I bought a 70w hps bulb and it didn't work in there but the cfl that came with it does. What watt bulb should I use because it also has the 3 U bend fluros that came with it. I got the tron for free so i'm going to put it to use and stop buying my smoke
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    anyone know anything about these things
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    are the windows black? or clear?

    i wouldn't suggest sticking a HPS/MH system in there.. it was designed with the CFL's for a reason... just use those... and try to get lights with the correct spectrums of light for MJ... im willing to bet it does not have both...

    snap some shots and throw them inline... that thing is pretty old... 02 give or take... your kinda out on a limb all by yourself... every phototron i have seen is for sale, and maybe for good reason.. but i've also seen some pretty nice grow journals...

    so start one... could be fun to watch, and cheap to run usings CFL lighting
  4. there used to be a guy in the Philipines .............Phil Cuisine......on OG that did Phototron grows that were outrageous but, I really do not know anyone else who has used one or seen it.
  5. Definately use the cfl not a hps they give off to much heat for the plastic. Never used one for flowering but it did great for veg. This would make a nice grow journal. If you can veg in the tron then flower outdoor you will get more smoke.
  6. Yea its the black one from the late 80's was my dads and he hadn't used it since 1989 so he gave it to me. He hasn't smoked in about 2 years b/c of his job but man I never knew he grew. I'd talk to him about growing lights but a lot has changed since his day. I have 20 seedlings from bagseed in there and 15 others under a 4ft florescent so im hoping for a good outdoor harvest. After I get those outside I'll get fem seeds and get started

    What watt florescent should I put in the middle and can you find those U shaped bulbs with anything over 40w.

  7. about flashbacks :hippie: I used to own one of these - I reckon I must be about the same age as your Dad - bought mine in the 80s too. Had it stored at my mother's house and she sold it at a garage sale 0.o Ah well - that was ages ago.

    The original sale of the phototron wasn't just based on the device itself. The company also offered guidance during the grow, and you were supposed to provide them soil samples from which they would determine your nutrient needs and sent back nutes specifically tailored for your plants.

    Heh. Before anyone hates too much on phototrons, ya gotta remember - there was no internet (computers ran off cassette tape drives) and no Grass City to consult in those days :)

    So's I'm subbed in to see what happens.

    Oh. You're probably wondering how I did growing with it. Well, I had two plants of six survive and get into a good vegetative state, but I didn't know Jack diddly shit about how to grow anything, so I just kept em veggin and took clippings to dry and smoke. Haha...what a moron I was :p
  8. And as long as I'm here, I might as well make myself useful :D

    check this out for your bulb/spectrum info :)

    Phototron parts

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