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  1. I am looking into simplifying my grow due to lack of space and time. Im looking at Vital Earth soil as a base amended with 2 cups per cubic ft of Down to Earths- 1 cup BioLive, 1/2 cup Vegan Mix, 1/2 cup Neem Meal.
    Looking to supplement with Blue Mountain Organics Grow-Flower-Foliar-Supertonic also Protekt and Oreganism.

    They will be in 5 gal smart pots in trays of water soaked perlite ( SIP System )

    What am I missing? Any adjustments?

    Thanks for the help
    You're not specifically "missing" anything..... I'd add some rock dust and aeration.  Rock dust is recommended at 4-5 cups per cubic foot.  And there are cheaper/better sources of mycos than Oregonism... like BioAg VAM Endo.  And definitely aeration..... SIPs run moist.... add more aeration than you think.
    You might consider getting some kelp meal, alfalfa meal, and EWC, so you can make AACTs and botanical teas.  But not a necessary thing
  3. If you can find compost that was properly made and finished, and you can feel secure about its origin and quality, use that for the majority of the base and if it's necessary to cut it, cut it with your Vital Earth soil. I agree with G_t_G that high areation is also key. Choose the large chunk perlite if using that material.
    Otherwise, there's no shortcuts for time and attention when it comes to growing indoor cannabis. One day's "aw fuck it I'll do it tomorrow" attitude can ruin an entire crop after many weeks and months of care. Make sure you're starting with the end in mind and that you're willing to "feed the animals" even after a long, tiring day. Otherwise, don't try to farm.
    Just MHO. :smoke:
  4. That should be a sticky

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