Help with my old-school handsfree glass whip?

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    Well, I've got a wood colored handsfree vaporizer, the kind that's basically a heating-element rod in a case.

    My problem lies with the handsfree whip. It looks like this: 
    The screen, as you can see, rests just inside that ring that protrudes from the middle. The issue is my medicine is becoming lodged in that ring, pressed in by the screen. It's very resistant to being stirred out. This is causing the material to vaporize unevenly. However, do to the nature of the device, it needs to be packed in there, albeit very gently, or else material falls directly on the heating element.
    So, vaping at 360F I'm getting very dark material on the end, while the stuff packed into this little crevice is nearly unbrowned. Mind you on that temperature I'm quit new to vaping and this device I have here is brand new today.

    So, basically I made a whole account in order to ask this question, and any help on the matter is appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Thats just the price you pay with these cheap hands free vapes, had one as my first vape a few years ago. Uneven vaping. Best you can do is try to stir it but these vapes will never extract all your material. Best bet is search ebay for a two piece hands free vape whip, they lock together and hold material in place. Still needs excessive stirring but it worked a bit better for me. Other suggestion is research a new unit, arizer makes some solid units that are pretty cheap but good quality vapors.

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