Help With My New Carbon Filter? New Glass Too

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  1. Hey guys I just bought a new bong from the grasscity store and a carbon filter attachment. I got the best activated carbon at petco and already have washed and dried it. Now my question is, how much carbon do I put in this thing? Half? 3/4? All the way filled?

    Also uh.. I got a new pipe today and then the bong surprised me by arriving soon after I got home :smoking:

    I didn't have a tracking number so.. It's been pretty nice for a Monday :)

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  2. I typically fill mine up to where the joint starts, and yours is half the size of mine. I'm sure you could fill it up less and still have the same effects, you just might have to change the carbon more often.

    It really comes down to personal preference. Great pieces too. :D

  3. Wait to much drag with em

    Colorado love!

  4. so you fill yours to about the top? Does that add any drag? I'll just experiment I guess haha. Thanks! The pipe is locally blown double paned and silver fumed. Nice weight, nice sized bowl with a not too big hole. For it for only 25$ too
  5. i usually fill my carbon filter about half way, it's gonna have some drag no matter what so i choose to change the carbon more often to have "less" drag
  6. does the size of the carbon pellets play a role in drag? also I din't know you were supposed to wash i first, I just bought one and filled it up and used it,
     should I be worried  
  7. OMG dude....
  8. i don't wash my carbon, but i got that mcfinn's activated carbon. they claim you don't need to wash it, so i don't.
  9. What?

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