Help with my hermie?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by Newyork777, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I have a hermie in with 2 other girls and they are all about 2 weeks away from harvest. The hermie stopped producing male flowers after i picked a few off for about a week. After 4 weeks Im about 2 weeks from Harvest and my hermie snuck in a sack that opened on me!!! Is it too close to harvest for me to worry or shoud I spray it with reverse from dutchmaster just in case. Never used the product before and I really need some help. Put so much love and time into the grow It would kill me to f it up now....any one have any experience or comment I really need the help..
  2. Too late man, keep plucking nanners and pick and flick the seeds.

    Check for stressors like light leaks, hope your harvest goes well
  3. Yeah it is very late to really do anything about it. Ive read that as you pick the male flowers they will produce faster so keep your eye out if thats true. I recently just had to chop my girls the first week of flowering. They were about 50/50 female male. After chopping them out and taking a look in my room with all the lights out there was an ever slight glow from a temperature monitor and my surge protector. Take care and look for the issues that may not be obvious if you cant figure out why they went over to the dark side. Note some plants at the end of there life cycle produce male plants as a survival tactic. If you cant find an environmental stress that may have triggered it you may want to consider finding new stock for your mother plant.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.......I heard of a few people using reverse from dutchmaster. Anyone hear anything or try it before?
  5. Don't know enough about the product to recommend it, but you are so late in flower you shouldn't spray with anything. Finish up this show, check for stressors and hope it doesn't happen again. Don't sweat it, chalk it up to the learning curve
  6. Thanks Padre, Ive been stressin too much and it is my first go around anyway. I really appreciate the help and im prepping for the next grow. Besides I def. cant complain about the outcome so far. Stay Green.....
  7. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you have to learn as you go. Making mistakes is expected, ask some of the vets around here, they will regale you with tales of their previous royal fuck-ups. Everyone fucks a few up. Pimp that search button and ask lots of questions, we have more master growers here to help than I could shake a fucking stick at.

    Stay lifted
  8. True talk from start to finish Padre... My nephew lost a sweet crop of Cindy99 due to light pollution, you could shake a plant and see pollen falling everywhere... I suggested he relocate his grow room, mylar and course black plastic the hell out of everything glass, put your ballast and other things outside you room, and become the light police to make sure when you're in the dark cycle, there is NO light....

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