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  1. i bought this Secret Jardin DarkRoom 60 - 24 x 24 x 55.2 Inches: Gateway

    here are my questions:

    i wanna grow 4 plants, what is the best light for this and do i need to change the bulbs out for veg and flowering in a hps light or should i get a t5 system?

    where is a nice place to get a t5 system?

    whats the best fans for this since its 20 cubic feet?
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    You need a 60 CFM fan

    Or a 120 CfM rated fan with a carbon scrubber

    use a pc fan. And a switchable ac/dc converter from radio shack

    you can use cfls but yield is alway related to total watts used

  3. yea i just don't wanna use cfls, i want one light for 4 plants like the t5 set up or hps mh something like that but nothing that needs a ballast. i also don't wanna have any heat problems
  4. Well even cfls have ballasts. So your gonna use the sun?

    Hahahahaha. Know what your sayin though

    t5's are sweet

  5. what if i use this?
    for veg and flowering

    Econo 400w MH with Chrome Reflector - Inside Sun
  6. You won't need a MH light. HPS will be perfect throughout the entire grow. Also, that looks like some Chinese, knock-off, burn-down-the-house light so watch out for those. I would stick with some more reliable, better known gear for this type of application for quality and safety.
  7. u should check out digital ballasts if u are worried about heat and they also run very silently
  8. as northern above says digi swichable allows you mh and hps mine has three settings too 250 400 600w
  9. i agree.... is that a kid in your sig? congrats

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