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  1. Grow tent: 3'12"x3'12"x5'12"
    Basically a 4x4x6
    I am wondering who has had experience with different lights in these tents. Tents are new to me. Right now the light is a 400watt hps.
    I will be growing 4 plants inside, hoping to yield a pound. Has anyone achieved 1lb dry using a 400watt hps? Should I get a 600 watt hps instead? To me 1000watt is over kill for this space, so I'm not considering but please, tell me otherwise.
    Tent will be very well ventilated, and is covered with Mylar from top to bottom.
    What pot size should I use for 4 plants in this space if I wish to achieve my target yield?
    Thanks for reading guys
  2. i would go 1000watt in a 4*4 & if ur only doing 4 plants go with 10 gal pots
  3. @[member="bigc29"]
    Do you speak from experience?
    1000watt seems like over kill, are you sure? Cost a lot of money man, I need to be sure.
    Will the 10gal pots leave enough room for the root system of a 1/4lb dry yielding plant?
  4. yes im useing 2 tents 1000watt in each tent..i don't use 10 gal pots, i use 5 gal & im just under 3oz a plant. so u will get 4 oz easy with 10 gals
    i grow 6 plants in each 4*4*6.5 tent & veg for about a month(month & a half sometimes) with both tents im harvesting over 2 pounds dry
  5. get a second 400. easier to cool than 1000. i have at one point cooled 2 600s in cool tubes in a 2 by 4 by 5. not too much issues with the 400s.
  6. I have a 4.5'x4.5'x7.5' tent and I'm running a 400 watt for veg for another few weeks (depending if I get stretch or not) then ill slam my 1000 in there for flower. I think a 1000 watt is to big for That tent. Imo I'd only run a 600 tops.

    Special KAY

  7. First, I mean no disrespect, but I just couldn't help myself. That's funny shit right there because 3'12"x3'12"x5'12" isn't basically 4'x4'x6', it is exactly 4'x4'x6'. Now I can't speak from experience as my tent is smaller (2.5'x2.5'x5') and I have only used 400w, but if you have read as much on these forums as I have, then we both know that 600 is better than 400. More lumens, par watts, canopy penetration, etc.
    I have read a grow journal by a grower (can't recall who) that got close to a pound with a 400 (strain, method, & experience HUGE factors), though it took many grows for him to get it dialed in. In short, 600 will yield more than 400 in the same space. :smoking:
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    i have no problems with the 1000watter there both cooled in hoods, temps 70-80f
    i also have 2 600watt mh/hps ballasts in my closet(i wish i had the space for them) but i like my 1000watters way better
    ...i get threw the canopy when there big & bushy..400 & 600 w are not bright enough i find
  9. Thanks guys. I will be using the 400watt for now. Will make a grow journal as well, look out for that if you want to see how it goes guys.

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