Help with my flowering plant! Too small in size [emoji30]

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  1. Hello everyone.

    This plant got switched into flower the 1st of July.

    This is my first grow ever!
    Well im kind of dissapointed at the seed ive collected.
    This plant is soooo small i cant even belive i still have it!
    But i really want to try it out so. My question is will it get ant bigger?

    i know you will ask what light i use, to be clear im using direct sunlight since day 1!
    This is how it looks when its getting light

    And then you might also wonder why is half of the plant cut down? Its because this seed was a hermie so i cut of, all the tops with pollen sacks.

    Here are some pictures[​IMG]

    Main Questions:
    What can i do to increase yield?
    Why is this plant so small?
    and why has it stop growing?

    Thanks in advice
  2. Things that are affecting your plants size -

    Pot size
    Lower portion of plant seems to be in shaded lighting.

  3. Well, The entire plant do get light! Heres another pic :)

    So what do you think? Will it get any bigger?

    Because i feed her good and take very good care of her!
    When can i smoke it?
  4. Windows make horrible light sources. As the sun moves across the horizon the small opening of a window limits the amount of light a plant recieves.not very many window sill grows end well
  5. Start with seeds bought not found. Well it was small before flower so what do you expect. You have the possibility to shape the shape of your plant. In veg you pich of the main top. 2 will grow. Then pich them 4. I'm at 16 tops before entering flowering. Get it. And more light.

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