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  1. Hey all! I accumulated a few seeds and decided to stick them into a flower pot just for the hell of it. Surprize! Two of them came up and are doing great. They are about two months old sitting out on my balcony. They get about six hours of light a day and seem to be doing great. I am pretty sure that they are both females.

    Like I said they are relegated to my balcony for their only sun but because I live in Hawaii they seem to be getting along just fine. One week ago i began putting them into my closet at night, behind a opaque sheet with the door closed=no light. They stay in there all night so the light schedule is about 6(light)18(dark).

    I am giving them a little orchid food in their water.

    I just wanted to post some pictures and see how it' doing. I don't expect that great of a yield but i wanted to be reassured that it is beginning to budd a little. Thanks for your input! :wave:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I hope the pictures work... The full shot was done maybe 3 days ago. the close ups are current... and the last one is when they first shot up. Woo. Thanks!
  2. Um they look female thats for sure...but 6 hours of light? now thats wrong no matter how ya toss the dice...18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower those wont develop right and wont have flowers.
  3. They look good, great if you consider their environment. How many hours of indirect light do they get? And those are definitely the start of bud sites.
  4. They get a solid 5 hours of DIRECT sunlight, and maybe 2-3 of indirect light.
  5. I dont get even how thats possible to have a plant in veg when it only ever got 8 hours of light...Because its just starting to flower..

  6. huh? i just let it go do it's thing for a few months and realized that i needed to give it uninterrupted light so i stuck it in the closet. I did that one week ago...
  7. I said that because a plant needs more than 12 hours of light not to flower...and those never had that yet obviously they grew big enough where at some point they were in veg. I am doubting your flowers will develop to their fullest with only 8 hours of light...just a heads up.
  8. Cool. Yeah i really didn't expect them to come up at all. I just stuck the seeds in the pot of a baby pumeria tree i was starting to grow. I re planted the pumeria when the plants came up. if i get anything smokable I will be happy. this has been such a cool experience though. i will keep the forum up to date with progress of my condition defying plants.

    I bet being in Hawaii helped to make up for the lack of direct sun.
  9. [​IMG]

    PIC #1/3 ~ three weeks ago before flowering (moved into closet for uninterrupted darkness.

    PIC #2 Early on...
  10. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it! Those look great and you'll probably get some sweet nuggets, even if they don't get real big.
    BTW, the days are getting longer now, so you're smart to closet them at night. I had an outdoor flowering stall before I realized the full moon was shining on them. I put them under a shelf each night and man did they kick into high gear!
    Post some more pics in another week so we can all see :)
  11. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I will make sure to put some fresh pictures up in the weeks leading to harvest (which i imagine will be initiated thanks to some informed member of the forums (because I have no idea when/how to harvest)).

    For now: some current "full body" shots. :wave:

  12. Hey Everybody. It has been almost a month since I started flowering these guys. It's really getting smelly and good. Here are some fresh bud shots as of two days ago.

    Can anyone venture a guess as to what kind of weed this is???

  13. Are you outside? Oh good lord im jelous, its -10 fun. I havent seen a blue sky and white clouds for three months. Or felt a thaw for longer, god get me out.
  14. looking good man,you can pull a decent harvest with only 5-6 hours of ldirect sunlight,regardless what anyone says.why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly.
  15. its a sativa indica mix, I would say heavier on the sativa side with the narrower leaves and lengthier growth. no way to say exactly far too many. it looks like a real heavy sativa, that should be dankity dank dank.
  16. Ahh! Seeds! I don't know where they came from. What do i do? :mad::eek::confused:


  17. changed your mind darwin? lol
  18. Oh, braddah you get em eh.

    Lookin good Brah!
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    Those are not seeds, the seeds develop within the bud itself, that is either a pollen sack (male flower) or a swollen calyx (female flower). Best thing you can do is post more pics. I have my money on a swollen calyx. They freaked me out too the first time. If you start to see 2 hairs emerging from the tips of the "seeds" then it is a calyx and youve got nothing to worry about. Otherwise you might have a hermie plant (male and female) and you will end up with seeds in your bud.
  20. matter how ya toss the dice that is wrong...however they are flowering but by no means to their fullest extent. They have about half the amount of energy at their hands (half the light) so they will be about at half their potential. So I stand by it. If I was tossin my dice I wouldnt want them to roll that way. however he is in Hawaii and im cold so I say he wins.

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