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help with my croc pot recipe!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by organic riffs, May 26, 2010.

  1. Let me start off by saying I just got into wreck on my motorcycle last week. I got rear ended by a careless driver that pretty much just drove thru me and its a true miracle Im alive. Needless to say, IM HURTIN! I cant smoke really because my chest hurts too much. I dont like taking narcotics for pain and obviously MMJ is my medicine of choice. I havent had the best results with edibles because Im a seasoned smoker so let me say POTENCY IS CRUCIAL!!

    So I have an ounce of trim and a decent amount of keif I saved I plan on throwing in to the mix. I was going to double boil it but I heard the croc pot is the way to go, hands down. Any truth to this?
    Since I have a croc pot I plan on giving it a shot. I know I should melt the butter down on high then turn it down to low and add my ingredients but my question is, how much water, if at all should go in with 1 oz of trim/shake? Also, how much butter? I was thinking 4 sticks should do it. I plan on leaving it on low for 7 hours or maybe even 12-15 if the day is going to be to busy for me to enjoy them proper. Is a longer the cook time end up with more potent butter?
    Well, thats my plan, and I guess those are my only questions. Any help,ideas,recipes,dos and donts etc... Thank you! Its appreciated! God Bless!

    PS. Most of the trim came from my journal. check it out if you got a minute.
  2. you dont need to add water. I suggest following this guide (its missing the pics, but all the info is there.)

    basically you melt the butter, and add your ingredients and let simmer for 5 min. then pour it all into a container and put into the fridge for a few hours (24 hours is best).

    then you remelt the mixture and strain and squeeze out all the plant material, and put the butter back into the fridge to solidify.

    Since the THC is fat soluble, it is absorbed as it sits in the butter.
  3. So I got this started. Took an ounce of nice trim and popcorn nugs and tossed it into a pound of butter with 2 1/2 cups of water. I also added about a gram of quality keif. I heard the water helps prevent the butter from burning and it will separate during the refrigeration process. Right now it looks like a dark tar like liquid. It smells amazing! I plan on letting it simmer on low for 10-12 hours.
    My big question is what to do with the butter afterward. I know your supposed to bake with the butter but wont the thc burn up in oven settings used for cooking? Im thinking about letting it just settle at room temp and just eating it straight haha. or maybe melting it down and chugging it. Share your recipes and ideas!
    Any help or insight is appreciated!
  4. put it on anything you want... garlic bread, rice, potatoes, any recipe that calls for butter

    And when i make brownues i usually turn the oven down from where they say to bake
  5. Good looks I appreciate it. I think what im going to do is just use the butter as a topping. rice would be perfect. or maybe drop some in some soup. On another note, Orlando is the shit. Mesh skatepark is the truth. But, get off my Celtics!
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    :hello:i always use lots o water(no burning)...18 hours works good(i've gone 24 w/no negatives)strain through cheese cloth,wring out, pour some hot water through ,wring again.put liquid into plastic bowls,freeze,remove from bowl by turning upsidedown on paper towels,(be sure water is frozen solid...very impt...)you will be able to lift ice off butter,use a fork if needed,SCRAPE SCUM OFF BOTTOM OF BUTTER...very important!...butter can go into zip loc's & can be stored in the freezer or fridge...use double boiler or set out until soft to use.peanut butter,& honey w/bud budder rocks. in oatmeal it gives new meaning to wake & bake...use a spoonful first to see how potent it is..rice crispy treats are good too...hope that helps u feel better dude
  7. halfdome THANK YOU! exactly what im looking for. I used 2 1/2 cups water for so far a pound and 1/3 of butter on an ounce of shake. I dont think i have enough shake to add more butter and I need a thicker brew to cook longer than I plan. Hmmmm. Im going to add a little bit more water and cook for another four hrs and call it a day I think.
  8. Well my friends Im back with a report. So, I never got high off edibles ever. Ive tried my best trust me but I write it off as skimpy recipes or I just smoke too much. Well I had around 5-6 tablespoons on my butter. I just put it in a pb and honey sandwich like it was recommended to me. Two sandwiches really. Ate it around 11 and by 1 Im like, hmmm its starting to work! Well, by 2 I was loving life and stoked that it actually worked! Well unfortunately, around 3 the high got so strong I started feeling poisoned. POISONED! I was so high I couldnt even keep my head up. I had to lie down and I honestly felt like I had eaten mushrooms but without the visuals. Just the body experience of a trip. It got so bad and so strong I was far from enjoying it. I actually started to freak out and was worried my heart was going to stop. At this point Im totally stoked my butter is potent as hell but GENUINELY bummed I ate so much and my body is just so stoned. I fully and truthfully understand why people freak out after eating good butter and call the cops saying their gonna die and all sorts o crazy stuff. I believe it, straight up. I was scared. It was not fun in the slightest. Let me mention I didnt take a single hit of weed 12 hrs prior to eating my butter. I was stone cold sober and didnt smoke a single rip the whole time I was "tripping" on my butter. I smoke weed all day every day folks. Never in a million years could I have even thought about smoking during this. So the night goes on and around 7 I go out to eat still just totally ripped out of my skull. My eyes are scary red and I went hours so sick and overly stoned I couldnt move off the couch for hours. I went out, barely stayed coherent to pretend I was there and after eating a huge meal I went home took a shower and just still layed around crippled from this shit. Fast forward to 2 am a full 14 hrs after eating this. Havent slept a wink, totally ripped out of my head and my mouth is so dry I swear it gonna break into a scab or something any second. I stay up drinking a gallon of water and pissing every ten minutes and finally crash at 4 am stoned as fuck, bummed out, and very very dehydrated. I had been drinking water all day mind you. I slept until noon the next day and woke up just soo burnt out. My body still felt a little stoned but my head was so hazy and groggy it took me a while to start getting around. So i guess thats it. I was stoned out of my skull, and every part of my body for damn near 24 hours. Stoned to the point where it sucks and its not enjoyable and you regret it. I know what your thinking, not me dude, I smoke mad weed this wont tickle my ass. Well, I thought that too!! I didnt even believe edibles worked wich is why I ate so much in the first place. I say this with total seriousness to anyone making their own butter and doing it right. BE SAFE! Start off slow and figure out the proper dose. YOU CAN eat too much. Thankfully I didnt have to work and had no obligations to handle because I was useless. Yesterday I was thinking, boy this is so bitter sweet and great and awesome and totally shitty at the same time. I was so stoked my butter was practically deadly but bummed I ate so much. I was thinking man, this is going to be a hell of a story and something to look back and laugh at. A day later, still cant laugh because Im so hazy and dehydrated and burnt, but I know that day will be here soon. This story is all true,never exaggerated, and told only because Im sure people here can relate and enjoy it. Be safe everyone. Butter works, and its disgustingly effective when done properly.
  9. :cry:ROFLOL...:laughing::laughing::laughing:HAHAHAHAHA...:p:DSORRY BRO! I TRIED TO TO WARN YOU!\/\/\/\/\/see below.

    :rolleyes:you probably ate 3 or 4 days worth all at once.glad your butter came out so killer.guess edibles done right does now that that's all cleared up,when are u trying a smaller dose.p.s. i usually take a few bong hits about an hour after eating,it kicks the edibles in nicely:bongin::bongin::D:wave:

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