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  1. ok so i am moving this coming June to a place that has a perfect set up for a veg and flower room separate. I am going to have a little dresser to start my 6 seedlings off in rockwool under 125 watt cfl lights 24 hours a day for about 2-3 weeks or until they are root bound. After that i am going to transfer them to 2 18 gallon Rubbermaid dwc setup tubs. They will be in net pots with hydroton to fill in between the rockwool. 3 plants per tub. under 400 watt hps (maybe we will discuss) light 18 hours light. At this time i will be adding nutrients according to the lucas formula. After being in the veg cycle for about a month or until they are about a foot or 2 i will place them in the flower room. I have a couple questions about my setup.

    1. I still need a second light for my flower room. I was thinking another 400 but i dont think that could handle 6 flowering plants. so my next question is should i go with a 1000 watt light or could i go 600 cool tube and have that closer and be efficient?

    2.Also wanted to know if using 3 plants in each rubbermaid is practical. I want to change them every week at most. I would be just rotating extra tubs filled with the nutrients in and using the same lids each time so it should not be to hard to switch the tubs. So is three to much? should i go with 2?

    3. Also the water i will be using will be a brita filter straight on my faucet. I heard that brings down the ph to a reasonable level and the ppm (which is awesome for hydroponic growing). Just want to make sure what i read was right, maybe confirm it with one of you expert hydro growers. Thanks again grasscity! Keep the toke alive :smoking:
  2. bump also i already have mylar. Also have some top quality seeds :)
  3. bump, nothing at all come on grasscity!
  4. anotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bump
  5. Hmm. Not a hydro grower yet, but regarding the light. 400 might actually work for 6 plants, but definitely 600 or 1000. Depends on what you want. Either should work just fine.
  6. i am bumping one more time because it is getting close to my move in date and i think i am just going to go with a 3 plant in each tub grow with 400 watt veg 1000 watt flower in an attic, this is all in an attic in which i either am going to have an air conditioner in the room or having it vent from a room that has it already running. thanks lord for your input, i thought 400 watt would be to small to flower a nice 6 plant crop. i think i am going to go on hiatus from here for a bit while doing this but i will come back with finished product thanks again in advance for your input

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