Help with my cab, is this what I need?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Cyric99, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Looks pretty good dude...
  2. that would work but the only thing is that the depth is only 12". That means that if you have a HID w/ reflector more than likely you'll have to find a small reflector or bend one. but aside from that a very sold design all the basics covered.
  3. If you have access to any saws or drills or any tools of some sort i would just advise building one. for the same price as either of those $30 or $40 ones you could build your own that was far superior to any of the particleboard cabnets that lowes sells.
  4. Those are awefully small. You want to look in the garage cab section and get a nice, deep, tall, double doored cab. Keep in mind that heat will always be a factor. The larger the cab, the more air circulation and room for your plants.
  5. yo dude that shit is too small that more like a veg and or cloning/mother chamber my advice is get that but also get a flowering chamber currently I am using a book case I got from target with black and white poly for the entrance also if you plan on using dont forget to get the TarpZipup instant doorway
  6. 31.5" exterior height will give you right about 2.5 foot interior height. Take off 6" for the height of your pots, 8" for your light to hang down, and 8" minimum clearance between the plant top and the light, and you are left with a 8" plant. You might be able to cheat some of those clearances to get a total of 12" for the plant, pretty tight IMO.
  7. Hi Cyric, I'm also looking into making my own grow box and came across this.This may give you some ideas, i know it has for me.Good luck with the set up;)




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