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  1. Hi im growing some outdoor plants my 2 main ones are amnesia og and one is about week 3 of flower and the other week 2 i notice that they look a little thinner compared to other peoples plants at week 3 and 2 of flowering im using fox farm tiger bloom mixes with sonic bloom by Humboldt County own i feed them 2-3 times a week depending on how they look and they have 0 nute burn im open to any ideas

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  2. Looks good for 2-3 weeks. All strains bud at different rates. Yours will catch up if you just hang on a bit. I have 7 different strains going (from seed) and even within those strains I see differences in flower size between the plants.

    There's a lot of time left. Take it easy on the nutes. If you f-them up by applying too much you'll lose it all.

    good luck
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  3. I agree with @beensmokin. It takes a week to 10 days to transition from veg to flower, so i think they look great. Pour all the light hours at them you can, give them time and the buds will continue to fatten up. They put on tons of weight in the last few weeks of flower. Just be patient and keep a close eye out for pests. The more resin they put on, the more magnetic they become to bugs. TWW
  4. I delute my nutes into 5 galon water jug it took me 2 weeks to feed them the 5 gals and its 5 plants so i try and not feed them too heavy on nutes just enough to keep them nice and green
  5. At first i had problems with pest but my dad helped me out on that one with a nice pesticide i sprayed them twice and sprayed water the following days after and it seems like it got rid of them all i see now are flies and fruit flies
  6. I would only mix the nutrient amount I need on the spot. Mixing it up and then using it over weeks isn't usually common practice/recommended. Hang in're doing great.
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  7. If you let water sit for a long time with fert in it, it can/WILL evaporate, and increase the fert strength.

    I would also keep close watch on PH.
  8. What do i do with the 4 gals of nutes that i dont use on the spot lol the only reason im using a 5 gal jug is cuz the pk booster im using is so concentrated that it will burn the plants if its not deluted in 5 gals of water
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  9. I havent had any issues with ph i think its mainly because of the way i water i always make sure water comes out the bottom of the pots when i water them and i flush them every other week to get any excess nute build up flushed out
  10. Gotta say your plants look hey...WTF do I know? LOL. I've just heard that >some< nutes will fall out of suspension and may not be as available to the plant....but if it's working for's all good.

    But should you want to mix less....

    If it's a liquid a small syringe with the mls marked on it and use 1/5th the dose recommended in one gallon of water.

    If it's powdered....measure out the recommended dose for 5 gallons and pretend it's the 80's and line that shit up in 5 equal lines. Don't snort it though! Put one line in one gallon of water.......

    best of luck going forward...
  11. Im gonna divide the nute just how you said cuz it just makes sense lol and ill let mother nature do the rest
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