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help with moldy weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ac3adt, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hey GC, i harvested my blue hash plant about a week ago and to my dismay, my main cola was infested with mold :(

    I have been searching and searching to see if there is anything i can do with the moldy weed and the best i have come up with is to make hash, but even still i'm a little skeptical.

    If i decided to make hash, which extraction method would extract the least amount of mold, QWISO or BHO?

    I have read that the 99% ISO will kill the most of the mold and then the flame when lit will do the rest.

    I also have read that in BHO the butane only extracts THC, and no mold.

    So my question is, which is the better method of extraction when mold is involved?

  2. bump..

  3. sorry to tell ya but throw that shit out. It WILL get you really sick.:(

    Serious there's nothing you could do with it that would be worth smoking anthrax:eek::(

    Throw it out. next grow keep a fan on that cola all the way thru flowering. or try a strains that doesn't mold easy.

  4. yeah, I haven't had any problems with mold in the past so i didn't think i would need any extra ventilation this time through.

    But damn was my cola fat!

    She was as thick and tall as a 1 liter water bottle.

    I managed to save about 5 grams from the cola, but 9 got hit with mold. :(
  5. ... that would cola would have yielded 14 grams!



  6. Yea colas are like women: it's always the big fat ones that get moldy.:)

    My purple kush would mold if I didn't have 24/7 high power fan blasting her. Even I might find a spot.
  7. Make BHO if you make anything. As you said it doesn't extract mold. Then make some good edibles so you know for sure you aren't inhaling smoke from mold.
  8. Yo
    Help with the moldy weed
    I have only just begun to plant my seed
    Yes indeed, I'll help you out on this one
    ISO that shit or you'll get sick son
    Hash how, what's in your lungs now
    Pure THC in your system
    You won't get ill this way, everything is A okay
    Til the day that I lay I stay stoned all day
    Ya dig
    Do you feel that
    Like you just took a puff
    I just took 4 and I had more than enough

  9. Try hard. :rolleyes:
  10. What?

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