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Help with meeting new people

Discussion in 'General' started by Hannah, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. theres gotta be people in your school that arent just about gossip..

    trust me man take advantage of this when you can.. High school is the easiest time of your life to get friends and girls and you dont want to screw this up..

    I did the same thing as you, got tired of drama and thought everyone was lame so i just kinda went anti social, it fucked me over in the end..

    now im out of high school and have hardly any friends..

    think about it.. this is maybe the only time of your life when you are constantly around people the same age as you.. when you get out, real life starts and its about working and shit and you hardly see anyone.. making new friends becomes near impossible and just gets pushed down the list of priorities..

    theres gotta be a few cool kids you can chill with, meet their friends, who will introduce you to their friends and so on.. just be as social as you can.. you wont regret it.

    take advantage of it while you can..

  2. yep, op I work at fuckin walmart as a cart pusher, take a guess at how many women I meet :| [0]

    If high school isn't your thing, you can always try college, but that shit's expensive man.
  3. Ah, I know what you mean.. I hated most everyone in high school. My boyfriend actually did what you're doing right now, only really had one friend. Now, besides me and maybe one other (but hardly), he has no friends... Even though he's well liked and all, he's just so antisocial and awkward he has no people to hang out with besides me. It's becoming really difficult for him. Although it's hard to find people, I can assure you there's at least one or two people in your entire school that smoke weed and listen to rock and roll, there just has to be. I won't lie and say speaking to random people is easy (especially people you've been in school with for so long and don't speak to already) because.. it's not. I'm awkward as fuck and couldn't do it myself. But if you find it worth it for someone you go to school with and find pretty cool, go for it. If there's absolutely no one you like there, then you can go to concerts and meet people.. I always find that a good place. They almost always have the same taste as me there. Spark up a joint at the show, pass it to someone who looks interesting (especially a girl) and go with it.
  4. When I made that transfer I just started being kinda anti-social. Like not being rude to people but keeping to myself and just joining in little conversations. The wrong kinda people just left me alone that way because I wasn't trying to be sociable with them, and the few people worth knowing kept talking to me. Just don't try to care man.

    To be honest though my approach was because I wasn't interested in finding friends, I wasn't trying, I was literally just keeping to myself, but those are the events that unfolded from that. Good luck.

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