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Help with massive paranoia/ psychological stuff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Respectedpuddle, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I've been smoking on and off for the last two years, not very often maybe average like once a week. I took a break for about 3 months, and just started back up again.

    I smoked in my house the last few nights, and have gotten EXTREMELY paranoid and anxious every time. I'm fine for a while but when my dad walks in my room, I freak out. MY heart starts pounding out of my fuckin body and I can barely focus on whats going on, and i think that he knows whats up and is trying to fuck with me. Looking back, this is definitely not the case, and it's kind of scary that smoking made me be so unessearily paranoid.

    Maybe its the weed, but i'm considering stopping smoking because of it. Its really unpleasant, and by that i mean terrible.

    Also when I'm baked I can't really enjoy it that much anymore because I am constantly thinking about how baked I am and how stupid I am acting. Any advice/ similar stories?

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    Your alternatives:

    1) Smoke outside

    2) Smoke when your parents won't be home for at least 2 hours (depending on your tolerance level+the stuff you smoke)

    3) Smoke only late at night (11:00pm - onward)

    4) Febreeze

    5) Move out

    Edit: About your paranoia: If you can get your hands on it, you should smoke more Indica (kush) strains rather than Sativa (headies) strains. A good Indica will get rid of all those fears, and you'll be couch-locked for hours.

  3. Thats what I do

  4. I smoked ultra kush last night and it's suppose to be an indica strain and it tripped me the hell out man. I was super anxious and paranoid that my parents would come in and kick my ass for smoking weed. I'm not sure cause I felt super heavy and it felt like i was walking through water but I proceeded in doing squats and push ups. I then began to set my bed up and got ready for sleep but this whole time i was afraid of my mom coming into my room and seeing my eyes all red and dilated. But this whole time i wanted to sit down and just lay there. I never did though I was always doing something and my heart was beating pretty fast. The more I thought about it beating fast the more it would beat fast and I can hear it pound in my ears. I also remember sitting in front of the computer screen and my arms were turning purple and the screen was getting really big lol IDK I think it was a bad trip but I told myself to chill the fuck out and I did just that. I also remember seeing Wesley Snipes on TV and thinking "what an asshole" and I kinda smiled. Check out my blog for a more detail narrative of my high.

  5. febreeze is your friend. and don't get so high just take 1-2 hits and see how you feel. i have also had anxiety attack from being a bit too high taking a few snaps and not overdoing it helps immensely.:smoke:
  6. When you first start up again, this also happened to me, you for some reason just become very paranoid every time you rip. Maybe its cause you get so high after taking a t break... But eventually man, you'll stop getting paranoid. Just remember to think to yourself, theres no reason to be scared.. try to analyze whats freaking you out and isolate it to the core. Then think, is it worth freaking out about?

    I suggest only blazing when you have the house alone for at least the next couple weeks. Then, when you can handle it, start blazing outside the house and coming home... and then eventually all just in the house :smoke:

    JUST remember though. Unless you do it PERFECT, and i mean, hit whatever device you have, completely outside the window, blow the smoke farrr away from the house, spray your room down, and leave it to air for 15 minutes, then shower and clean your breath... theres a decent chance your parents could smell something. They may not recognize what it is .. but just a warning. ALWAYS clean up. Each time i've been got, was because of the lingering odour. Now I don't rip at home.

  7. I think that was my problem too I was seeing crazy color changing shit lol It was scary at first but when I got my shit together and realized that I was just stoned I found it to be pretty awesome.
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    it seems like you have problems in your life you're trying figure out or solve. Try solving some of those problems sober, and see if you feel better about yourself. I personally think the way you feel about yourself reflects the outcome when you smoke.

    Just embrace it and learn to enjoy smoking that good packed bowl.
  9. Get a mflb or something like that.

    Or get some ona gel n smoke with bong or. Pipe and blow smoke out of window
  10. Smoke less... that's all you have to do

    I remember having a low tolerance and taking a dab from my friend at a club

    I couldn't move for hours and I felt I was in a different reality.
  11. It's normal to get paranoid because of that. Just do the obvious thing and don't get high when they're around; I never do because it would just totally kill the point of doing it.

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