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    Hey guys,

    I want to start growing in my closet,the dimensions are:

    70cm wide
    50cm deep
    160cm tall

    my budget is around 250$ and i want to grow 2-3 plants.
    cutting holes in the closet is not an option for me :/

    What is the best setup i can get for this budget and closet?

  2. You can pick up a 400 watt HPS system for around $119 online which is perfect for a small closet setup. you will have to leave the closet door open with a fan blowing when the light is on to keep the air flowing though. i ended doing that even with intake and exhaust fans to keep the temps down.
  3. i think that a 400w hps is going to be too hot without ventilation
  4. 250w should be good. you'll definitely have to open the closet door periodically to let it air out, otherwise it'll get musty in there.
  5. thinking about making a door by panda film,making a passive intake at the bottom and and exhausting with an RVK at the top.
    do you think i could do it with a 400w hps cool tube?
  6. do you have a doble closet and do you live alone in this house ? i could help you make a nice growspace with your closet if you have two doors to work with. all you need is some duct tape and styrofoam and a little bit of ghetto engeneering.
  7. yeah my closet hs two doors
    i'd appreciate it if you could help me :)
  8. Well what you can do is basicly keep the doors open and fabricate a chamber from styrafoam and cardboard so you doble your growspace size and can cut holes into the styrafoam plates hence solving your problem with not being able to punch holes in the doors. these plates come in standardized sizes so what you do is you keep the doors open duck tape a styrofoam roof on it and then close the space between them with styrafoam making a door with hinges out of ducktape. i know it sounds crasy but it works. you can screw the stuff together with your hands and it will hold together no problem ongly real problem is that it lets light throgh hence you have to cover it with cardboard or something that doesnt let light throgh. then you hang your light and eveyrthing heavy inside the cabinet itself and voila you have yourself a cheap walkin growroom what i did is i have one side of the cabin as a filter stand along with misc growstuff while the other half has a shelf that extends out and fills half the cabin. i can stand in there and admire my plants and do my buisniss without any suspicius high power lights showing outside or anything. anyways if you need a better discription i can offer it.
  9. I have come across this before and your best bet is to create a "heat chamber" as I called it where you allow for as much room as possible at the top of your closet because heat rises. then just have a box fan blowing across your lights. You will still have to open your closet as much as possible, not like every three hours, but if you are in the room during the daytime lock your door and let it air out for a while. Now that covers air movement. Now from for every part of that budget I would do it like this.

    $20 Box Fan from the store
    $70 for these lights ( Full Spectrum Light Bulb - ALZO 85 watt CFL 5500K - Case of 4: Camera & Photo)
    $10 Get a power strip and those plug in light sockets
    $30 assuming you buy two really good seeds offline
    $10 Mylar tarps, just tack or tape it up. (Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10): Industrial & Scientific)
    $20 Bag of Ocean Forrest at the nearest store, shouldn't run more than that
    $15 Two 1-3 Gallon pots, I put in a high price because you should buy some smart pots
    $5 for the saucers underneath them
    $50 for advanced nutrients Micro, Bloom, And Grow

    Total: $230

    This is a really cheap setup, but given the right conditions and good training it won't matter. Growing cheap is all about skimping on your end and not the plants end. Give them good soil and nutrients, so what if you have to grow in a ghetto box, I assure you plants don't care. That's Arguably the best soil and nutrients for a plant. I would stick to just two plants, or grow three if you like then just pick the best two, in such a small space, if you train them right it wouldn't have made a difference anyways.

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