Help with lights/fans.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ins71nct, May 17, 2010.

  1. Ok, I'm going to be going with a stealth grow/complete stealth inside a stealth box built by me. What lights do you reccomend and fans?

    Looking for some good fans but low sound. As well as some good lights but cheap as well. Thanks...
  2. Going to sleep.
  3. CFL's work well. Throw some good reflective lining of some sort in there, drop some CFL's around the top and sides with Y-adapters on them, and let her go!

    Don't know much about fans for stealth boxes, sorry.

    Good luck!
  4. Go to the Design/Setup section and do some research.
    You guys get on here and start asking questions without bothering to look anything up.
    Use the search tab if you are having trouble finding something particular.

    Computer fans with a high CFM are your best bet. Hope you don't need to worry about the smell cause that's a whole nother problem
  5. Absolute beginners for a reason. I'm just asking a question if you feel you can't answer it don't respond. I do research a majority of what I do. Just was seeing what anyone else thought. Smoke more weed or need to have a hurt butt.
  6. Sorry for blowing steam! Super Stealth is hard to get.
    I've got 2 65 Cfm 110v computer{muffin} fans running my cab and they make a little noise. Nothing a tv or radio wouldn't cover up though. You can find 12v computer fans and use a a plug with a power transformer on it to convert it from 110v ac to 12v dc. But. the problem with those fans is they don't have enough pressure to pull through any kind of filter.

    Lighting can be accomplished as stated above with "y" connectors and CFLs. Try to find the highest wattage CFLs you can. Anything over 26 watts actual wattage( not replacement) would be best. Some stores sell 32 watt bulbs and those would be better.
  7. Thanks. I will be looking into fans more than anything the lights aren't really the biggest concern. Just a good quiet fan is what I really need. Probably going to get a big sized CFL and a few smalls ones.

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