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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Green4me14, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hey fellow blades I'm soon going to start some indoor for the first time! I have worked with outdoor before but I am wondering on the best lighting for the girls indoor. I will be growing in a small closet or a small stealth grow box with about 2-3 plants. I was wondering which lighting would work the best and not raise the electricity bill to much. I'm aware that any lights are going to raise it but just looking for some advice from those that are more experienced. Thanks ahead of time!:D
  2. Can't beat a rack of T4's, drop down to ya superstore and get 2x 4' fluorescent racks called shop lights, say 4 tubes in total to start you off ensure they are daylight, you can install warm whites later or go HPS depending on ya cash flow in 2-3 months


  3. Geen4me: Vostok is giving you good advice. In a closet, heat is a major concern and it's greatly reduced with T-5's. Just get a fixture that is big enough to cover your whole grow. Hank
  4. Thanks very much guys . I will have to go down to my local store and check out the prices

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