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Help with lighting for newbie grower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sniperwestoaks, May 27, 2009.

  1. I just transferred 5 germinated seeds to a Peat Moss/Perlite in a 12' pot. I have it in a medium closet and was wondering how long I can keep it in there with the closet light on till i get a 400 watt Sodium light. I plan on getting the lamp this weekend but was hoping keeping them in there wont hurt them.
  2. when you say closet light.. what kind of bulb are we talking about?

    germinating seeds? are they sprouted yet?
  3. Its just a standard soft bulb closet light but I plan on getting the 400 watt sodium his weekend. The seedlings have sprouted and Im seeing 2 very small yellowish/green leaves and a long curvy white root. Should I water soon??
  4. That is an incandescent bulb and is the totally wrong spectrum.

    Most people veg under a MH and flower under HPS. You can get MH bulbs that are compatible with HPS ballasts, so only have to buy one ballast.
  5. You say germinated seeds -- have they sprouted yet?

    If they sprouted at the time you wrote this (Tues) then get those sprouts under a real grow light ASAP, I mean today, or else save your money on the HPS and just toss the sprouts in the garbage. From Tues to Sat is too long for them to go without light.

    If they have not sprouted yet then technically you don't need any light right now, but you will the moment the pop the soil, not days later. You can use a plain CFL or two for little sprouts, start with those lights 4-6" from the sprouts and move them a bit closer each day until after about a week they are 1-2" away.

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