Help with legal patient grow setup!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by aawbigslim, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Hi I was just approved to become a caregiver to qualified patients in michigan. I can grow 12 plants per patient and have up to 5 patients. I am trying to find the perfect grow setup to accomodate. Right now I am using an ebb and flow table in veg room in 4x4 in cubes, then they will go into bubble buckets in teh flower room. I am trying low stress training on the plants to maximze my yeilds. This is what Id wish to accomplish with my new venture. I would like grow the plants from clone to harvest as fast as possible without taking too much from the yeild . Which is why I dicided to go with LST but I am figuring out that the plants will have to veg longer. Now if anyone could help me with the PERFECT SETUP. Do you have any suggestions on how to veg in what, flowering etc. I know that different strains grow differently. But put yourself in my shoes how would you have your rooms setup. Also I have two 400 watt HPS lights on tracks to simulate light movement. I am thinking about getting 1000 watts HPS lights though. Oh yeah I only have one patient right now but looking to expand once my setup is right. Thank you
  2. Right on bro! Your possibilities are endless. I say for max size and yield get bigger HPS lights and use a DWC setup for mothers and Aeroponic for flowering. Build a Stinkbud junior setup bi\ut make it larger to accomodate larger plants. Just what i would do.

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