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  1. So i was doing some research, I've done a few other posts about my leds Micro grow. But from what others are saying leds will "Burn" my plants. I noticed a slight temperature increase when the fan wasnt on, but when the fan is on the temperature never changes, Can i grow to the leds like cfls or no?

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    I added an LED to compliment my MH/HPS. I haven't noticed any burn. What I have noticed is my plants responding amazingly. From what I've read LEDs are meant to be at .5 to 1m away from the plants. This should prevent burning. I'm in flowering now and I haven't seen any negative effects.

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  3. they dont mean like heat burning they mean light intesity burn like bleaching spots and you will get that of buds are to close what ive noticed with my 600 watt led is that i can be far as hell away from the plants twice as far as with a hid light and you may feel like its not close enough but ill tell you what last time i had the 600 watt about 2 foot maybe a little less but all my buds filled out even the bottom most branchs even devoloped and were dense sovthe light penatration of these lights are amazing its like it goes right through the leave i was a led sceptic untill i used one
  4. I have a Mars300 that I've been using since germ 1 of my plants got burnt pretty bad but honestly it was my fault I got water happy and sprayed my plant and left a couple drops and they acted like magnifying glass it burnt the feeder leaves pretty bad.. But my other plant which I didn't mess with is doing really well it's on day 14 [​IMG][​IMG]

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