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  1. alright guys so I have a space of 2x2x5 for my grow box and I have been researching led lighting for hours. I have come up with a few different lights, but I can't make a decision. I am going to be growing in a 5 gal DWC bucket. I am just aiming to get around at least 3oz every 2-3 months. I have looked at a few of seymore buds grows and found the strain Think Different to be a great yielder. I really just want to be able to supply for my self and have a constant stash. If you guys could help me make a decision on lighting it would be helpful. Below are some of the led fixtures I have been looking at. I dont really have a budget, I just want to find the perfect light for my needs. Here are some of the lights I was looking at.

    Blackstar chrome:
    Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Chrome 180w LED Grow Light FSF 3W Chips uv

    Advanced led:
    NEW - Diamond Series XML - 10W CREE XML - Advanced LED Grow Lights

    Solar Flare:
    SolarFlare 200W Full Cycle LED Grow Light by California Lightworks - SOLARFLARE200WFULL

    Hydro grow Led:
    LED Grow Lights - 84X-PRO LED Grow Light

    Pro Grow:
    Pro Grow X5 (300w Selective Switch) | Hydroponics Hut
    Pro Grow 400 (Selective Switch) | Hydroponics Hut

    If anyone knows which is the best buy for my space that would be great. Any help on this would be great guys.
  2. here is a sketch of what my cab may look like

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  3. I'm planning to get a new LED soon and I'm almost certainley gonna get a hyrdogrow for my main flower/veg room (basically everything light). I've done a good bit of research and it appears to be the highest quality. It also appears to look the most professional and sleekest. I also want to look into a solid blue one for just veg and possibly one of the red ones just for flower. But I dont beleive hydrogrow sells these varieties.
  4. hydrogrow sells their panels with 3w leds and they are very similar to the blackstar chrome. On lighthouse hydro's website, they show a video of putting out more par per watt compared to hydrogrow's 84x fixture. I don't know which one to go for because I haven't heard much about the new blackstar chrome.
  5. Look for the raphsodyrocks thread he has the best info and he has the new solarflare 200w.....its expensive BTW
  6. Hi SCL im looking at the same setup size as you. Ive been deciding my light choice also. FOund some recent reviews on the chrome model of blackstar and recently discovered Diamond series 10W cree model, looks very impressive. Bieng new cant find any recorded grows with this light, but it has cree which ive read alot of buzz on plus it has dimmable swithces. It appears to have all the beels n whistles of a well designed light but not sure if the power draw of 135w is good for area of 2x2x5. Let me know what u decide as im also about to jump into LED heaven :)
  7. are you guys nuts hygro's light (84x) is 84 3w diodes so its rated at 252watts and for 599$+if they charge shipping........

    right now California light works is doing the grower feedback program for their 400w led(with the uv blue t5's) for only 599$ ...and they use 5w diodes
  8. I'm waiting to see how Rhapsopyrocks does with his calight...$599 is still a little rich. I got 2 ufos, glow panel, 120w...they don't punch like my 400hps so i don't flwr with them as primary ...only use as side lighting. love4led i checked your thread but i didn't see a harvest dry wt. using 90w ufo. I did auto ak-47 under 90w ufo only got 1.2oz...ebb/flow co2...20yrs experience with hydro...i got cheap crap led and thats the best i can do so far with it if i try to flower with it. I need to see some definitive yeilds from others before i spend $$.

  9. ill make sure to message you a link when i get my dry harvest(i only harvested the biggest bud from my OG#18xSkunk) waiting 2-3 more days and then im going to put them into 24-48 hours of darkness and then harvest the 4 plants

    i think the 90w i used did pretty well with 4 plants BUT would really thrive with just one plant veg'd a little long and spead out(lst'd) to fit exactly in the UFO's footprint

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