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  1. Hi , it’s my first grow and
    I want help with how to adjust the speed of the inline fan, which I found through my research that I have to set the controller to an automatic mode, the lowest speed in the veg mode is 1, and if the temperature exceeds 26, the fan operates at a speed of 5, and the speed of the setting increases with every stage
    The question is, my temperature is constant, which is 22 degrees Celsius, and I can reduce it because I use air conditioning. Will the fan work during the veg period only at speed 1, and during flowering only at speed 2, and in the final stage only at speed 3?
    Also, during the drying phase, what is the required fan speed, or is the temperature and humidity important, not the fan speed?

    I am using a 2x2x7 grow tent
    inline fan ac infinity 4 inch
    My temperature is 20 to 24 degrees Celsius
    Humidity 50 to 65
    I need clarification on this issue
  2. " temperature is constant..." means that your fan speed will be constant. It has nothing to do with your growth cycle. In the drying phase the temperature and humidity are the important factors. Adjust the fan speed to achieve your desired results.
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  3. You need these.

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