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  1. G13 haze x3
    Mango x1(smallest plant, closest to AC)
    Temperature has been around 70.
    Rain once a week on average.(I have heard leaves will curl in an attempt to use excess water up?)
    Has been pretty windy. 4 days out of the last few weeks 80kmh+ winds.
    Around 10 hours of direct sunlight.

    The last 2 weeks the leaves have curled up plants still looked healthy as can be. I noticed over the last week small holes appearing on some leaves. I'm wondering what's going on. Some sort of infestation going on. I managed to capture a pic or two of some bugs but I think they were just passing by.
    I dont notice any spider webs so I dont think its spider mites.
    Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info let me know. Thanks guys much love.

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  2. The second picture there is brown not sure what they are but my paranoia tells me birth of monstrous cannabis eating c×nts!
  3. I've grown outside for many years and for the most part at least here in Southern California while I'll find a few holes and chewed spots I only find my two local primary predators. Lady Bugs and Praying Mantis.
    Spider mite damage looks like needle holes. Grasshoppers chew large sections out of fans.

    The 2 things mother nature doesn't self regulate are Powdery Mildew and Caterpillars.
    Green Cure for PM and BT for the Catties both once a week every week.

    If you actually do have a true infestation like mites, thrip or whitefly that doesn't seem like it is self correcting then Spinosad is my big gun.

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  4. Cant see any bugs or anything besides some flies and ants on the ground. I forgot to mention southern ontario grow!!!
  5. Managed to get a pic of one bug. Looks like a small bee. It lands on leaves all day long and looks like it stings them 20190627_134524.jpg

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