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  1. I currently have 2 - 600 watts, one hps and one mh. The temps are running from 86-88 and humidity 60-70% they are currently on day 13 of flower. I keep the door open when the light is on and closed when it is off. I was wondering what I could do to lower my humidity in an inexpensive way. Also any tips would be greatly appreciated on how to improve my grow! Thanks.

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  2. There is a radically different strategy that you should consider.
    According to the Vapor Pressure Deficit chart you should embrace that humidity, not fear it.
    I use this chart, along with a humidifier, to keep the humidity above 70 for temps in the low 80s F, and have not seen bud rot in a hydro setup.
    High temp plus high humidity leads to explosive growth that might require a tall grow setup.
  3. Get more air movement going around your plants with fans...aside from any associated with lights/exhaust setup. Temp plays a big role in the rate of growth so it would improve yield to get temps way down. But definitely get some air going in there. TWW
  4. My experience is that when following the VPD chart, the higher the temp, the more vigorous the growth. My last grow was done with temps in the mid 80s F and RH>70, and the growth was so ferocious that the autos grew an unexpected 5 1/2 feet up into the lights. This time I've reduced temps to around 80 F for some different autos, and the growth is more manageable.

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