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  1. I just went to Capital Hemp in DC to look at Illadelph's. They had a 3mm straight tube bong with a diffuser for $225. Is this a good price? I have never been to a head shop with Illadelph's before.
  2. 3mm is thin as shit for $225 unless Illadelph's are more overpriced than I think.
  3. Same thought
  4. no that is a rip off. My headshop has a 7mm 14 inch strait illa for $250
  5. Adams Morgan? Man I been in that place...They seem overpriced
  6. Yup, that's the place.
  7. yo it is over priced but captial hemp is one of the nicest head shops ive ever been in. that being said, ive only bee to one other shop and that was in a crappy basement of a guitar shop in baltimore.
  8. I'm originally from Ohio and I have been to 2 head shops there, and all of them had better selections, and MUCH cheaper prices.
  9. sup brah, i recognize you from the misc lol
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    You're obviously going to the wrong part of baltimore haha. Go to Doc's, Firefly, and Foreplay on Eastern Ave. They're all across from one another, you're sure to find something you like. I don't remember seeing illadelphs but there are tons of roors, phx's, toros, lux's etc. You could get like a 5mm name brand piece with tree percs and diffuser for $225
  11. i got a 7mm straight rasta tube with diff for 250 out at the hollywood Illadelph store. :bongin:
  12. 5mm Illadelphs are like $200 - $220 at Kulture.

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