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  1. Anyone know the following pieces/company? The inline bubbler is priced at 250$ and the other bubbler is priced at 150.

    let me know if you think either of them are over priced. probably can get my lhs to drop 50 off each

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  2. Of course its overpriced, its sticker price at a head shop.
  3. is this a serious question? can you not read?:confused:
  4. Cool. Thanks both of you for your great answers, really.

    On aa serious note, I googled the hops inline bub, what do you guys think would be a good price for it? And I still haven't managed to idenify that other bubbler. Was wonderinf if gc knew if it was a good brand and worth the sticker price
  5. honestly that hops inline isn't worth more than $175.00, and that is being generous. I wouldn't even take it for $200, because to be honest you could stack two of these atop of eachother for less, and each one would hit just as good if not better

    Soul Shine Family Glass - Clear Inline Ashcatcher

    edit: i thought it was an AC instead of a bubbler, but my opinion still stands, although I guess 200 would be alright if it had a bowl and nice mouthpiece
  6. The Hops inline bubs are really nice.
  7. For $200 pick up the hops bub!
  8. gonna head over the lhs today to see what he can do. i really liked the inline bub probably gonna pick it up with a dd bowl or a head one. they've got a sick selection. hopefully i can bag the two for 250

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