Help with ideas to make a homemade bubbler?

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  1. Hey GC,

    Anyone got any good ideas for a homemade bubbler? Nothing too fancy, but i want to build one for possible frequent use out of household-ish items.
    Im not very good at being creative about this kind of stuff, and wanted to see if you guys could help me out with some tips/suggestions. Thanks
  2. maybe use a couple pill bottles and some hose and make a 2 chambered bubbler...
  3. Yea i was thinking pill bottles possibly or just some water bottle. Not sure yet :confused:
  4. Its really not that hard to make a homemade bong if you know what you're doing.

    What you do need though is
    -A metal bowl (preferably a socket)
    -A stem leading from the bowl into your bottle of choice
    -An airtight connection between one end of the bottle and the bowl

    I guess thats it.
  5. he said bubbler..

    pill bottles, anything of that nature can be used well. just use your matlock senses man. ive done it plenty of times.
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  6. Would a plastic stem connected to the socket be unsafe?
    If so, whats the best way to go about making a safe bowl/stem combo?

  7. Buy a cheap steam+slide at your local headshop.

    If not, I suggest thick plastic (What I use are BIC pens but I only use the thick tubing part) and superglue it to the socket.

    For a homemade screen, get some headphones you never ever need, cut of the metal part that looks like a screen, and, to make sure its safe, just hold it over some scissors and light it up for about 30 seconds.

    If it glows a bright red and no smoke comes out, you know it's safe. Also, dip it in water or something after burning it so you don't burn yourself when cutting the screen to fit the socket. :p

    Take for example, my homemade bubbler.

  8. Well, I don't know the chemical reactions of iso/salt with plastic, so I suggest either getting a good glass/metal slide with bowl or just tearing apart the plastic part and attaching a new one, or creating a new socket/plastic creation.

    When it comes to homemades. I don't think they should last too long, especially since most people like to create better and more pipes/bongs/bubblers.

    So if you really want to keep your homemade, I suggest using a glass slide at a bare minimum. :smoking:
  9. heres my homeade pom bong dnt learn from te dumass down ther

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    I used two glass bottles, with tubes hot-glued into the caps between the bottles. For the bowl I used a socket threaded onto a air-tube fitting that screws onto the stem. Pretty intricate for a first homemade peice.

    I'll update post with pictures of it

    [​IMG] Socket bowl with threaded end

    [​IMG] Put the two hoses in your mouth and go to town. I need to make some kind of mouthpeice.
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    yeah im leaning toawrd the pill bottles as your best bet. if not the little energy shot containers work well also. im not sure about using superglue when it comes to binding the socket to plastic, just because i wouldnt wanna be heating it up and inhaling those fumes. to make shit air tight i normally have the hole made, then i wrap a lil bit of heavy duty type tape to fill the gap. idk if that make sense lol.. maybe an pic would help.

    heres a homemade i did, just a smiple design with an ashcather ( thats the 5hour energy shot bottle). you can see what i mean with the tape where the ashcatcher and bottle connect.
  12. Wow thats a good idea with the ashcatch. I think I'm gunna have to use that idea for my next homemade.

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