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  1. Ok so i want to start growing and have a basic idea on how to do it but really dont know how to do it hydroponically.

    What nutrients should i put in the system?
    What light and pump setting should i use?
    Control Panel Light and Pump Cycles
    __________________________________________________ _________________

    settings 24 hr light cycle 24 hour pump cycle Hours lights off with pump running
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Tom/Pepp 16 on 8 off 20 on 4 off 4

    Salad Greens 16.5 on 7.5 off 24 on 7.5

    Herbs/Basil 17 on 7 off 17 on 7 off 0

    Flowers 15.5 on 8.5 off 20 on 4 off 4.5

    Strawberry 15 on 9 off 15 on 9 off 0

    What to do about odor?

    Here is a pic of the systems i have

    Thanks for the help :D
  2. dumb questions

    if ur going hydro u should reserach before hand

    anyways use hydro nutes

    start with something simple

    leave the pump on 24/7

    unless its a dripper system then use a timer to control it going on and off

    the lights lieave 24/0 for the frist week then w=switch to 18/6

    switch to 12/12 light when u want to start budding

    pc gl
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    those aero gardens are junk and not suitable for growing marijuana.
    and whatever you're trying to communicate here makes no sense.

    you've got bigger problems than worrying about smell right now. you definitely need to do some research.
  4. chemicalcomfort is right you need to do some serious research first, or all efforts will be in vain! after research come ask "how to" and u might be able to anser your own questions, but if not we'er here. good luck:wave:

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