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    Hi all im having g trouble with humity I've cut 10 1 gallon jugs in half and filled them and put a humidifier in my grow closet its 3X4X6 and the humidity stays between 26 and 32% how else can I raise it up it'd my second grow and first scrog
  2. you put a humidifier in there and its still that low? are you sure it works? you could put a fish tank heater in a bucket of water, that should help it evaporate. or put a heat mat under it. shallow wide pans work better as they give the water a larger surface area. you could put a bubble stone in the water, this would agitate it and help get it moving
  3. Im growing with 400hps cooltube I was thinking about trying an air stone to see if that solves the problem my last grow was in the summer the humidity was between 50 and 65% with a dehumidifier and I could not go lower bud turned out great and
    how can I post picks
  4. This time of year, that's about it until they get bigger. I have 2 humidifiers and spray the floor and still can't get over 40%. And in 2 weeks I'll have to put the dehumidifier back in and run 24/7.
  5. this is what it looks like now

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  6. over here the humidity never drops below 50-60% it's often at 80-90% so you can imagine what its like in the grow area. even in my bearded dragon's vivarium it rarely drops below 45%
  7. There is no way a humidifier could not bring the humidity up to desired levels in that room. You either had a humidifier that didn't work or was not set up properly.

    Go to Goodwill and get a used humidifier and go for it.
  8. That looks like temp or light distance more than humidity.
  9. I have a 6" cooltube 400whps the light is 10" above the tops the temp goes from 84 to 70 depending if I open the window its cold out

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