Help with hot soil anyone?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by sbgrowery, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Got a decent sized plant in a test mix thats too hot, transplanted about a week ago and its too hot because of ffof... Figures i put too much in lol, should i transplant into a lighter mix?
  2. What's in you mix besides FFOF?
  3. Besides that Its coast of maine lobster compost, azomite rock dust, perlite, peat moss, dolomite lime, kelp meal and tomato tone
  4. I used the compost and the ffof at a 1/6 ratio each and. I used 1/3 perlite and 1/3 peat
  5. By the way i just transplanted anyway to find out that it looks like its root. Bound? Weird but its roots looked way healthier than when i first transplanted it... It was in a 3 gal pot for 2 months and then i transplanted into a 5 gal and. It branched out a little bit it looks like, now its in like a 7gal pot it looks like that i found.. How could it have been root bound without much top growth and in only a week? I transplanted to the same mix But cut 50/50 with a peat and perlite mix too ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414360729.271024.jpg
  6. I'd leave it alone unless it looks like it's dying. Things will settle into place.

    Be patient.

  7. sbgrowery
    Take Jerry's sage advice....
    I will add this - FFOF is not 'hot' or 'too rich' - that is a canard passed around by people who discover that the problem with FFOF is that it's poorly made.
  8. Rightt ok well thanks for the input! She looks to have recovered really well from the transplant so ill just see what happens in a few days
  9. dont know if i right or not, but make fert cubes or use regular ice cubes and put them around the plant as they melt it would cool the soil, downfall is u have to put alot there or constantly keep going back and forth but thats just imo.
  10. What is this supposed to accomplish?
  11. I think hes just being a toolbag... If ur wondering tho it looks like shes growing again with no shock from transplanting so much
  12. oh i think i misunderstood when u said "hot soil"  my bad.
  13. actually the term hot soil means just that, temperature. Decomposing soil tends to be well above most plant root tolerances, sometimes reaching over 150 Fahrenheit.

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